5 Tips for a Successful Midterm Week


Well, it’s here- that week we often dread. Midterm Week often has a negative connotation- one that is associated with sleepless nights, lots of junk food, and endless studying. This doesn’t have to be you this year! While it’s inevitable that you will have to push yourself a little harder this week and stay up later than usual, if you follow these tips, your midterm week will be a success!

  1. Plan Your Schedule schedule

Since Midterm Week can be hectic, making a to-do list/schedule at the start of the week is essential to eliminating stress. When it comes to schedules, the more specific you can be, the better. Include each exam you have and also be sure to fit in time where you can study for your next tests. Creating time in your schedule for other activities like exercising is also beneficial. Sometimes even writing the list itself helps to calm down midterm nerves!

  1. Get Your Sleep sleep-emoji

We all know sleep is important, but during Midterm Week, it’s even more vital. All-nighters are usually synonymous with midterm week but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you plan ahead and study early on, you won’t have to cram and stay up until 4am. A good night’s sleep will leave you refreshed and energized; you’ll be ready to ace those midterms!

  1. Eat Well red-apple-isolated

When we think of stressful times, usually junk food is involved somehow. It’s almost as if our brains are wired to reach for the chips and candy the moment we realize we’re slightly overwhelmed. It’s possible to break that cycle! I don’t mean you have to only eat vegan and organic food all week. Rather, choosing some healthy foods is a good way to get fueled up and prepared to take your tests.

  1. Take Breaks

Don’t keep working hour by hour and forget about stopping to relax. It’s important to find a balance. For example, if you study for an hour straight through, give yourself a 15-minute break. This will make the time you spend doing work more effective!

  1. Reward Yourself 

At the end of Midterm Week, treat yourself! Your reward could be anything from indulging in your favorite treat or watching that movie you’ve queued on Netflix! At the end of midterm week you deserve it!

If you follow these tips your midterm week is sure to be less stressful!

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Open House

Are you interested in Manor College? Yes? Awesome.  Are you attending Manor College’s Open House on Saturday, October 29th? No?


Please don’t play yourself. If DJ Khaled isn’t enough motivation to get you to register for Open House then I have 10 great reasons why you should attend Manors Open House.

  1. Meet with our awesome staff and faculty. Our 9:1 student/faculty ratio makes it easier for you to become closely attached to our professors and faculty.
  2. Use our Fire Emoji (Apple/iOS Version) Snapchat Geofilter! By the way, add us on Snapcsnapcodehat!
  3. It’s an easy way to meet future classmates and future friends. You might meet your “bestie for lifey” here at our Open House. You’ll never know if you don’t come.
  4. You can get a tour of our beautiful campus from our very own Student Ambassadors.
  5. Learn about our great academic programs. We have over 35 academic programs! Come find out which one is best for you to get your education on.
  6. Enjoy a delicious FREE lunch. Who doesn’t love free lunch?
  7. The President will be here. No, not Obama. Someone way cooler- President Peri. How many times have you had a chance to meet the President of a college? Come to Manors Open House and @PrezPeri will be here.img_6329
  8. Take a selfie with our very own Blue Jay mascot. When it comes to selfies, our Blue Jay is a pro!
  9. Money talks. If you have specific questions about your financial aid package, we’ll have financial aid counselors here to answer them.
  10. Get comfortable. Open House is a great way to learn why Manor is a great fit for you!

There are so many more reasons why you should come to Manor College’s Open House, but instead of reading the many reasons I write, you should be registering for the Open House right now!

Register here!

Giving Sustainability the “Old College Try”

Written by: Chelsea Brown

My morning routine is much like any of the thousands of other college students across the world. Step one: coffee. Step two: breakfast on the run. Step three: more coffee. The combination of late night study sessions and early morning classes leaves little time for thinking about anything more than your exam on Friday. But with the amount of plastic waste in our oceans becoming a regular major headline and the threat of some pretty wacky weather as global temperatures rise, it may be time to take a break from sipping your third Starbucks and think about your impact on the environment. It took me about two seconds of cleaning out the backseat of my car a few years ago of what felt like a hundred empty plastic water bottles to realize I needed to make some changes to my consumption habits. Don’t worry though. As a notorious over sleeper and procrastinator, the changes I made were simple, easy, and perfect for my fellow on the go coffee/snack/smoothie lovers.img_5204

BABY STEPS. The first thing I did was take a good long look at what my daily life consisted of. A quick rundown: one or two cups of coffee from K-cups, a few individually wrapped snacks, anywhere from two to four plastic water bottles, and my daily smoothie habit meant grabbing a bottle of one pre-made. That doesn’t include my weekly grocery trips or the occasional trip to the mall and the plastic bags I accumulated. And things that most people don’t even think about like the tooth brush you swap out every few months or those dryer sheets when you finally breakdown and do your laundry for the first time this semester or the plastic straws in basically everything.

All of those things amount to quite a bit of garbage. While some is recyclable, it doesn’t always end up where it is supposed to. Annual beach cleanups around the world report single use plastic items making up a large majority of the trash they collect. So that is where I focused my efforts. Where could I eliminate the single use items from my life? Pretty much everywhere. So I put a little list together of things I changed, perfect for busy students. All it takes is a little bit of extra planning and reworking of your shopping habits. Nothing a bunch of smarty pants college students can’t handle.

NOT JUST FOR JAMS. I have two very important words for you: MASON JARS. Honestly. They are simple and so handy. I have used them for coffee, smoothies, salads, soups, and snacks. They help me eliminate about 80% of the plastic waste that I used to generate. With a little night-time prep I no longer need to purchase a salad in a plastic container, a smoothie in a plastic bottle, or granola bars or crackers in plastic wrappers. img_5195Plus it’s the perfect way to try all of those smoothie recipes you have pinned on Pinterest.

GREEN YOUR CAFFEINE FIX. An amazing classmate of mine introduced me to the glory of coffee during my senior year of my undergraduate career. My life has never been the same. But when I first started drinking it, I was getting one or two cups of coffee from Wawa a day using their single use plastic and wax-lined paper cups. While the lid is recyclable, the cup portion is not.  You’re probably thinking: but Chelsea I use a reusable mug filled with my home brewed coffee. To which I ask: Are you using a K-Cup to brew that coffee? Unfortunately, that little cartridge is not recyclable at all and even the inventor regrets creating something so detrimental to the environment. So when I did my soul-searching in order to green-up my life, I knew my coffee habit was top of my list.

The first step I took was buying a reusable coffee mug. Which most of you already probably have. But did you know you can use it to get coffee at Wawa and it is CHEAPER?! You save money and the environment. But I often forgot my mug at home or didn’t have enough time to stop (did I mention I’m an oversleeper?) and I was always resorting to bad habits. So don’t worry friends. I have two options for you if you want to have more control over you coffee making. One, get a French press. Two, get reusable K-Cups. My French press is my favorite because I can make more than one cup at a time and it can be brewed hot or cold. (Side note: if you haven’t tried cold brewed coffee, you should). With the French press I eliminated the plastic K-Cup, the filter sometimes used with reusable K-Cups and coffee makers, and you can save the coffee grounds for some DIY magic.

TECH BREAK. Adapting a greener life-style is as simple as one extra click. At night or when you’re in class, just simply put your laptop on Sleep Mode instead of leaving it powered on all day. Most laptops will do this on their own now, but if yours doesn’t you could save up to 13-15W of power, the same amount of energy it takes to charge your iPhone for an hour. Another technology based tip, print double sided as much as you can. Two years or four years of college means a lot of paper. Printing double sided basically cuts your usage in half. Even better, avoid printing all together by taking notes directly on your laptop or tablet. Disable the wifi so you don’t get distracted in class. img_5189

HYGIENE HIJACK. No, I’m not telling you stop showering every day to save water. Last year, President Obama passed a law phasing out the use of mircobeads in all hygiene products culminating with them ultimately being banned completely by 2019. Don’t wait until then. Start early and switch your body care products next time you shop. Use the free app Beat the Microbead to scan a bar code or search a product while in the store or a safe bet is to just avoid any products that have ingredients that start with “poly.” With there being enough plastic microbeads in one bottle of exfoliant to equal a full plastic bottle according to the United National Environment Programme, it certainly won’t hurt to start early.

SAY NO TO THE STRAW. By now you have probably already seen the video of a the sweet little green sea turtle that had  a large piece of  plastic straw removed from his nose that went viral this summer. So when you’re out with your roommate at Taco Tuesday or eating on campus, skip the straw. I won’t say you won’t get some weird looks, but think of the turtles. Plus, some cities like Miami have already banned them, and we all know how cool the people that live in Miami are.

My biggest tip of all, start small. Choose one thing that you know you can manage. College is overwhelming enough, no need to make yourself even a little extra stressed. Have a friend join you or make the announcement on your social media for a little accountability. Living a green lifestyle in college doesn’t require you selling your old gas guzzling car or moving into a log cabin off the grid. All you need is a little extra planning and a couple handy items and you’re on your way to saving the planet and maybe a few bucks, which is always helpful for college students.


A Guest Post from Isla, Class of 2016: Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Recipient!

Written By: Sarah Clymer

Receiving the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship is a feat I could not have accomplished on my own. The Cooke foundation looks for students who not only have unmet financial need, but who also care about getting involved on and off campus.

It is important to have opportunities to grow as a person and as a student at your college. I’ve been lucky enough to have unyielding support from friends, family, and especially my Alma mater, Manor College.

My road to attaining a college education has been different from most. Like many students coming out of high school, I was confused about what I wanted to pursue. However, the biggest factor keeping me from going to college was not just confusion; it was financial need. Even if I had any idea what I wanted to study, I convinced myself that it was pointless because there was no way I could afford it. My parents encouraged me to work hard and save up money, so I did. After a year of saving up, I barely had enough money to afford a few credits for a semester at a community college. However, what I did gain was a reality check. I knew there was no other way out of my hopelessness but to simply take a chance and apply to college.

Student Leader Training (41)

Me with some other Manor students at the annual Student Leader Training

My time off also helped me figure out what I wanted to pursue; my passion for animals. After conducting some research, I found Manor College! Luckily, Manor was having an open house at the time, so I decided to attend. My first experience at Manor was one I’ll never forget. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to see all of the potential students. I immediately fell in love with the class sizes and the options for students wanting to pursue veterinary studies. Immediately afterwards, I submitted my application. I was beyond ecstatic when I received my acceptance letter in the mail, but soon the looming thought of college debt crept into my mind. How would I afford a private two-year college?

Suddenly, a miracle happened. I received an invitation in the mail to attend a scholarship competition at Manor College. Answering questions for various Manor faculty and staff members during the event made me realize that I had a lot more to offer as a student than I thought. It was the first time I had to talk about my personal triumphs and accomplishments. Manor College faculty and staff were able to see my potential before I could. I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship, which meant I could go to college tuition free! From that moment on, I knew I wanted to make Manor College proud and that I would take full advantage of such a wonderful opportunity.

My first semester was nerve wracking in the beginning. I had no idea what to expect. Within my 16 credits, I was taking two laboratory classes and an honors math course. I already doubted I could get through it. Even so, I found comfort in my wonderful professors, and each semester I had professors who truly cared about my success in their course. I knew I could approach them with any questions after class, during their office hours, or there was a likely chance I would just run into them on campus! Manor also offered a free tutoring center in case I ever needed help.

Eventually, I decided to change my career path because I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Manor made changing my major easy and my academic advisor supported me through this change.


Me and one of my mentors, Julie Senecoff, at my Manor College graduation!

My success in each of my classes gave me confidence to get involved elsewhere. Manor offered many opportunities to gain leadership and volunteer experience. I joined Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Ambassadors, and the Campus Activities Board. Each club helped me gain different skills: Student Senate helped me develop as a student leader, something I never knew I could be! Phi Theta Kappa allowed me to explore various volunteer options and gave me the opportunity to organize my own fundraiser. The Campus Activities Board let me plan fun activities for students on campus, while Student Ambassadors let me connect with new incoming students to help show them what Manor is all about. Manor even gave me a chance to work on campus as a peer tutor so I could have a flexible schedule around my classes, but I could still work in an enriching environment.

When it came time to apply for the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship, I knew I could count on anyone on campus for help. Manor’s transfer counselor was there to answer any questions about my application. My professors were more than willing to take on the application process in order to write my letters of recommendation.

Applying was the most stressful time of my semester and the long wait was excruciating to say the least. Through it all, faculty and staff were encouraging and always checking in to see if I had heard anything back.


This is me and Ali Mootz at Manor’s reception celebrating the receipt of the scholarship.

In the end, the wait paid off and I was awarded the scholarship! Without the support and opportunities I was given at Manor College, I couldn’t have been awarded the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship. I got involved in these activities because Manor students, faculty, and staff made me feel welcome. I never knew that getting involved would lead me to receiving the biggest private scholarship in the nation! The Cooke foundation looks for students who care about getting involved on and off campus and students who are dedicated to succeeding academically despite all obstacles. If Manor had not believed in the student I could become, I may have never been awarded this scholarship. It takes just one person to believe in your abilities to give you the confidence to succeed; I found more than just one person at Manor College.

What is Life after Manor?

Written by: Julianne Kostic


“April showers bring May flowers.” Yes, I really just used the old cliche. We all have struggled this past month with last minute projects, tests, and homework. It’s comforting to know that May is officially here, and I’m excited to see what it has in store for me!  You can breathe easy now knowing that all the hours of lost sleep and worry are over for the semester. If your semester didn’t go as you planned- you should still be proud of what you have accomplished this year! Disclaimer: Considering this may be my final blog as an actual Manor student, I will try to make it as cheesy as possible!


Let’s look back at what went down at Manor this year!

In September, we started off with our “Get Acquainted Picnic” where all new students had the chance to mingle with other  students.  Everyone had the opportunity to join new clubs and get more involved with the campus. Perhaps, they tried something they had never done before. Prior to attending Manor College, I was seldom involved in student activities. I was persuaded to become more actively involved at Manor.  I can honestly say that I do not regret participating in the many groups and activities that Manor offers. In fact, I feel as though I grew as a more mature individual after signing up for clubs!

Zoeya, Jenna and myself taking a leisurely stroll in Bushkill, PA.

December, it was sometime during the change in the seasons, when all of my time revolved around playing basketball and going to class. Yes, there was a slight change in the weather, but there was a new storm brewing. I’m not talking about snow either; Manor College was in the process of hiring a new school president. It wouldn’t be long before recently inaugurated President Peri would attend our basketball games. The thought of the school President willingly getting involved so quickly elated me! He wasn’t very hard to spot… not very many people wear a suit to our games. He even offered a few words of encouragement during halftimes at the games!


Flash-forward through the second semester~

There is so much to love about Manor College, and it’s strange to think I won’t be around all the time anymore. It’s the simple things I love the most. I’m sure going to miss seeing my friends everyday, and especially Coach picking me up at 5am for 6am practice. I hope you didn’t catch my sarcasm. I don’t think the professors at Manor will miss me trailing them down the halls, waiting to ask questions. I have become so close to some of my professors that I am even on hug-level with them. I’m not sure what I’m going to do without them. I wish I could put them in my pocket and take them with me to my future school.


My Aunt made us pull over when she saw my face on Cottman Avenue…

My goal is to continue my education at a new institution where I can gain as much positive experience as I can, while pacing myself through the many blessings and opportunities of college life.

Here’s to my fellow graduating class, Congratulations! Here’s to kicking back and soaking up the sun this summer! (If you have ever tried catching some sun through the classroom window, you know it doesn’t work very well).

Manor has become more like a family than an actual school.  After all, there are not too many schools that would post your face on a Septa sign (No, I’m not kidding). When I walk out of that gym on graduation day and into the unknown abyss of whatever my future holds for me, I will smile broadly. I know that I’ve done my best to not only make my family proud, but also the entire Manor family.

I may have broken a record for the number of Manor professors that taught me these past two years. If they ever read this, I want them to know that we are thankful for everything you do and sacrifice for us. We may not have always enjoyed doing the homework or studying for the tests, but they always challenged us to be better students and better people. I am a  much better student since coming to Manor College, and I thank all of the professors at Manor for their support and kindness.  Thank you, Coach Rob for being one of the best coaches I have ever had, and for dealing with my craziness on a regular basis… Many thanks to Ali, for always letting us take over HER office, and for being a great source of support.  I am grateful to my family who are always there for me. Finally, a shout out to the friends I have met and grown with the past two years. The unselfishness and love that I received here at Manor has given me many lasting memories, and I’m so thankful for all of you! I recently overheard a fellow graduate question, “is there life after Manor?” That question really resonated for me. It will be difficult to leave this place that has become my second home. But don’t worry…I’ll be back. -Insert ominous laugh here-


They may kill me for posting these...LASTBLOG3

They may hate me for posting these…Haha!

Sweet Emotions

By: Jenna-Kim L

Who could have ever guessed that two years could fly past me so quickly? It seems like just yesterday it was September 2nd, 2014- my first day at Manor College. I had never been so nervous in my life, switching from my lifetime of homeschooling, to the new and mysterious world of college life. Since then, I’ve experienced two years of wonderful education, I made some lifelong friends, and I learned so much about myself and the world around me.

In the beginning, I was incredibly nervous, but I adjusted so quickly thanks to the help of many wonderful people at Manor College. One person in particular who helped me right off the bat was my WONDERFUL adviser and professor, Professor Diane Pevar.
Professor Pevar was my saving grace during my time at school, guiding me and giving me the best advice possible. She is the one who made me feel comfortable at school from the very beginning. I owe much of my academic success to her during my time at Manor, and I appreciate every little thing she has done for me over the past two years. I will definitely not lose contact with her, as she has definitely become a very important mentor and guidance in my life!
DSC_0085I learned so much academically at Manor, but I also learned a lot about myself and I had so many chances to better my communication and leadership skills, especially through the clubs I was involved in, such as Student Senate and Campus Activity Board.


Anna Lobely, Nicole Suwala, and me (CAB members), and Professor Smalarz, a happy dunk tank volunteer!


Our wonderful Student Senate!

These groups have definitely helped me form lifelong bonds with some fantastic people who I am happy to call some of my best friends. Senate has done so much to help improve things across campus, and CAB has had the opportunity to develop some of the greatest events of Manor College history (including our first annual Blue Jay Ball, of course)! Joining clubs was one of the best things I managed to do during my time at Manor. I learned how to become a better leader, how to communicate my ideas better, and how to best work with others in a collaborative group. Plus, as I said before, I have made some of my best friends through the help of these clubs.

With many of the clubs I was part of, we had the best club adviser anyone could hope for, Allison Mootz, the shining light of the Manor College student activities. She has been the one to keep us on track during all of our meetings and events with CAB and Senate. I have mentioned her before and I will continue to praise the work of Ali, as she does SO much for all Manor students. She has been such a wonderful person in my life and she is always willing to help anyone who ever needs her, and that’s why I love her so much! She has a heart of pure gold! With Ali’s help, I learned how to be patient and how to always keep a cool head in every situation. I have also learned how to be the best I can be, and always contribute and give back to those who gave to me.


Ali, Julianne Kostic, and me!


All the student leaders and the awards we won!

As I mentioned, I also made a lot of friends through my time at Manor. You might have noticed a certain Julianne Kostic in a lot of my photos, much thanks to the fact that she was one of the first people I met at Manor. She is the one who first told me to join so many clubs with her, and I am ever grateful for her and her pushing me to be more social. I made so many wonderful friends through clubs and classes at Manor. I know all the friends I have made will always have my back. We have shared a lot of laughs and so many good times together. All of the people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have made some kind of impact on my life. I’ve learned what a good friend is and how to be one myself. I’ve come out of my shell a lot thanks to these guys at Manor, and I cherish each and every one of them. I will remember them forever and always and hold them all in my heart as we part ways- even though I know we’ll all have one big Manor reunion one day!


Phi Theta Kappa Induction!


CAB squad at the Blue Jay Ball!


The wondrous Valentine’s Day Photo Booth


Sometimes, Manor even helps you find love!







The biggest thing I’ve learned? There’s still more to learn! The world has so much to offer us, and this was the first, big step into our futures. The whole world is there ahead of us, with so many opportunities all thanks to Manor. We are a student body who has been educated and prepared for whatever we want to go and pursue. We have made connections, friends, and impacts which will continue on wherever we go one day. Thanks to Manor, we will always know where we came from. Manor is an unforgettable school that  has given us the boost we need to move forward. Manor College has been one giant support system for me. I’ve learned lifelong skills that will help me through whatever I want to do next. I will always remember everyone I knew at Manor and all that they have done for me. I will never lose contact with all the people here who have done so much for me. I may be moving on and graduating in life, but I guarantee that Manor will be part of me for as long as I live. I am a Blue Jay for life!


We Made It!


New Beginnings…

By: Ruben C. 

My mother always tells me there’s a time for everything. My father always tells me there’s a time to begin, and there’s a time to end. I think I’ve finally accepted that this past semester was my last semester at Manor. I can easily say that this past semester was the end of my collegiate career here at Manor College, but I’d rather say I’m moving on to new beginnings.

Manor College has honestly been a God send for me. Leaving a local community college, taking a semester off, taking time to really asses my decisions over the summer, and falling into the caring arms of Manor was something beyond special. I don’t know how it happened, but Manor found a way to take the mistakes that I made, and change them into success stories, and building blocks that I can move on with. Manor College has been life changing for me, and I know I’m not the only student that feels that way.

In this blog I want to tell you about my new beginnings, the goals that I have accomplished, and failed, but first I have to thank the people that helped changed my life while at Manor. First, I have to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Him. Secondly, I want to thank my parents for all the support they poured into me, even when I knew I didn’t deserve it. Thirdly, I want to thank each and every staff and faculty here at Manor that always kept an eye out for me. When you all asked me how I was doing, it wasn’t because you had to, it was because you cared. They may not ever read this, but I want to specifically thank Mr. Moody, Dr. Seltzer, Gilbert Ridgely, Marc Minnick, Ms. Weinfeld, Nick Rudnytzky for being so kind, and last but most certainly not least, my boss, Master K, Kelly Peiffer.  images

My four main goals for this past semester were: Get accepted into a Four year College/University, Pass all my classes with an A, Perfect Attendance, and Confidence. I tried to make these goals challenging enough so I could feel like I earned them, but also not too challenging so they wouldn’t consume my life. I didn’t want my whole view of the success of this semester to be based off of these goals, and if I accomplished them or not.

Fortunately, I was able to get accepted into the Four year University that I’ve always wanted to go to. Broad street is calling my name, and I can’t wait to experience what’s in store.

I wasn’images-1t able to pass all my classes with an A, but I did get all A’s and one B. So I feel very confident in what I did, which was my fourth goal.

To be more confident. I feel like I’ve done that, I’m more confident in myself because I see that the harder I work, the better results I get. Unfortunately I didn’t get perfect attendance, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. I missed a couple of classes in the beginning of the semester, but finished strong by making the rest of them.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says “The journey is the reward.” I’m glad I was able to set out these goals and achieve them. The process of achieving my goals and the experience I’ve gained has changed me. I’m guessing that’s why the Chinese proverb says “The journey is the reward.”

My newest beginning will be my new school. I can only hope I’ll feel the same way about my new school when I graduate as I’m feeling now about Manor… I don’t think I will though, and I actually don’t think I want to. I can only hope to create relationships the way I did here at Manor, at my new school. I can only hope I will miss and appreciate my new school, but right now, I know what I know. I know I will miss Manor, and I know the way I’m feeling will be specific only to Manor College because Manor is like no other.

6 Best “Chill” Spots at Manor


By: Julianne Kostic 

If you were to ask me where my favorite place to “chill” at Manor College is, I honestly couldn’t even tell you! Surprisingly, there are so many different places here that I enjoy hanging out at. If you know Manor College, you know it’s a small school. So, I know what you may be thinking, ‘This is a small school, where can you possibly go to enjoy  yourself?’ Depending on the day, I always manage to find a spot to feel comfortable to do homework, or unwind after a hectic day in class! I’m not the type of person who can sit still very well. So, I’m always on the move to find something to do around school!

The LibraryThe atmosphere in the library is calming and quiet, a place where you can hear yourself think. In today’s culture we often feel obliged to keep ourselves updated with what’s going on in social media.  I think it’s great to keep on top of what is going on in today’s world, but it can be just as great turning that phone off!  When I go to the library I often turn my phone off, that way there are no distractions, which helps me focus on my work. I fi

librarynd this quiet time important because you need time to be with just yourself. No music, no noise, just you and your thoughts-can be very relaxing.

There are plenty of books to read. If one day you feel inspired, try reading something a little different, try to find a new perspective. The staff working in the library are some of the kindest people and are always willing to help (Fyi: Marie has some of the best candy, especially during the holidays).The library is also a great meeting place for friends! I often study for Dr. Khushman’s tests with my friend Lauren R. Yes, Lauren and I spent Halloween (which happened to be a Saturday) in the library studying for one of those tests…

Ali Mootz’s Office

There is one place that stands out above the rest! There is an office that resides across from the chapel on the first floor. I spend the majority of my time before and after classes there.


Roller Skating!

If you’re ever looking for one of the kindest, sweetest souls at Manor this is where to go! Ali is almost always bombarded with projects and events, yet somehow, she goes out of her way to spend time with her students. She was one of the very first people I met at Manor College and she really made me feel at home. I specifically remember playing basketball in the gym with my brother the summer prior to my freshman fall semester. Coach Rob (Head Women’s Basketball Coach) had told her about me and she immediately came down to the gym to greet me. I think it’s a rare quality to find someone who becomes THAT excited to meet new students. She invited me to stop by her office anytime and encouraged me to join EVERY club the school had to offer. By the way she spoke to me, I knew that we would always get along well. She has always had my back and does the impossible daily! I often say, “I aspire to be Ali, yet I still wouldn’t want to have her job.” She plans and sets up every school event on her own and I rarely hear her complain. She does everything behind the scenes and her work often goes unnoticed, but she doesn’t seem to mind as long as her students shine. It’s going to be a sad goodbye at graduation because I know it’s going to be impossible to find someone like Ali anywhere else!!

The Cafeteria

If you know anything about Manor College, you know the Cafe is usually THE place to be. There are always students and professors fumbling and bustling around the cafeteria. If I ever need to find someone, there’s a high chance I can find them there. It’s where most of our exciting events are held, such as transfer fairs, wing bowls, and our brand new event – The Blue Jay Ball! The Cafeteria is my main source of entertainment. In fact, on a good day you might find one of the women’s basketball players dancing or singing, which is always interesting to watch. (Heck, they make me want to learn how to dance). You can even sit in the student lounge which is a vibrant room in the Cafeteria where you can watch television!

The School Gym

It makes me upset knowing that some students shy away from the gym. I’m here to encourage you to go play in the gym! It doesn’t necessarily have to be basketball. In fact, I know one student in particular who creatively set up the placemats found on the stage to practice his Tae-Kwon do. It was unique to me; his skills almost inspired me to sign up for classes! If you ever see me around school, please challenge me to a game of basketball.

Fun fact: You can sign up for a membership to AFC (Aquatic Fitness Center) for being a Manor College student! I go to the gym with some Manor people, specifically Zoeya J. who is practically my personal fitness trainer.

Alverthorpe Park

I’m not sure how many students know this, but there is a park located across the street from Manor College. If you are stopped at the gate, simply flash your Manor College ID. BAM! You have achieved access to one of the most beautiful parks in the Jenkintown area. I wasn’t expecting this  park to have so many activities going on. They have baseball fields, park benches, running trails, golfing, basketball courts and a playground for children. One time, when I was walking with fellow blogger Jenna, we saw a family of deer and a baby fox! Unfortunately, the fox scampered away before I could capture a picture of it. I remember my first time walking through Alverthorpe and coming upon a beautiful large pond. It was so unexpected and it’s definitely something you have to see for yourself!

The Learning Center

I’ve said it once, but I will say it again. If you are ever having trouble in a specific class, this would be the place to go (down the hall from the Cafeteria). I would like to refer you to Michael Landis in our Learning Center, who will be happy to set you up with a tutor. That way, you can contact the assigned tutor and arrange a time to meet up. Never be afraid to ask for help. I’ve been told by several professors, “The best students ask for help.” Please get the help you need ASAP!

There has never been a set “pin point” location for myself at Manor. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. Yes, that means I have to go out of my comfort zone, but staying in the comfort zone is never any fun! I have unexpectantly built so many memories in the past two years that will live with me for the rest of my life. Manor may seem tiny, but if you get involved it will leave a huge impact on your life.

Masquerade! Paper Faces on Parade!

By: Jenna-Kim L. 

Masquerade! Stop and stare at the sea of smiles around you!


Hello once again! As you might have noticed, I’ve started out with a musical number (from my favorite musical, The Phantom of the Opera). If you’re wondering why, it’s because I have some exciting news! 12828987_10154006467340701_395291607324519669_o

You’ve probably heard all about it already, but in case you haven’t, Manor College is hosting its first ever BLUE JAY BALL! You now might be wondering what on earth is this “blue jay ball” she’s going on about?

Well, this is Manor College’s first big dance which just so happens to be a masquerade theme (hence the big musical number)! We’re going to have food, dancing, live music, a DJ, and good times to be had with all of your friends. We’re even going to have an ice cream bar which makes it even sweeter! There will also be a Ball King and Queen crowned during the evening- crowns and everything! There will be a red carpet to walk, photos to take, and dancing to do, and it’s all happening on March 18th! That’s just a little over a week away, and the deadline to buy tickets is in on the 11th!! SO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this incredible event. It’s a great way to make memories, and maybe make some new friends too! It is a semi-formal dress code, so keep that in mind for picking out your outfit! Keep it classy, kids!

I mentioned before that we have live music along with a DJ, but did I mention I’m part of the band? That’s right! Little o’l me is playing in a band with some pretty top of the line musicians, including a Manor Alumni as well! We’ll be playing during the dinner hour, and it’s an act you won’t want to miss, so definitely be sure to get your tickets NOW!

And of course, much thanks has to go to our very own Campus Activity Board! A TON of thought, work, and effort has gone into this project. Extra thanks go to our CAB President, Zoeya Jouravska, and Vice President/Creative Director, Gavin Young. And extra love to our club adviser, Ali Mootz. Without Ali, we’d be absolutely lost!  We want to see everyone around to enjoy the fun and put to good use all the creativity that flowed into this project. I hope to see you guys buying tickets and I hope to see you all at the Ball!



Sad news; Spring Break is over.

By: Ruben C. 

For us here at Manor, our Spring Break began Monday, February 29th and ended on Monday, March 7th. We had a week off, which I guess is the usual time off for spring break. The only thing that was different is that a lot of other schools, especially the ones my friends go to, were not on Spring Break. So that stinks. If you are reading this during the week of March 7th or even after that, then you’re reading it while I’m back in school, and while my friends are probably on Spring Break.KeepCalmStayMotivated

Nevertheless, coming back from Spring Break can be tough. Some of us use it as a time to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix, while others go away to places like Miami, and party (responsibly of course). Either way getting back into the groove of school is very important. We’ve finally reached the final stretch of this semester so staying motivated after coming back from Spring Break is essential. Here are some of my tips to help motivate you after Spring Break:

1. Take some time to examine your performance so far this semester. Take a look at your finished tests, quizzes, papers and projects to help you understand how to adjust your study for better performance.

2. Get into the habit of reviewing your calendar. Anytime on a Sunday, review some of your syllabi and your calendar to check for any deadlines coming up or exams and papers that will be due soon.

3. Prioritize your assignments. If you know that a major project is due very soon, plan your time effectively and efficiently. Try separating some of your large assignments into manageable parts and hold yourself accountable to finish them in a timely manner.

4. Find different places to study. What’s great about this part of the semester is that the weather is changing, and hopefully getting warmer. Try finding somewhere outside to study that’s free from distractions. Maybe find a peaceful park with tons of shade, where you can study in tranquility.

5. Study with classmates. Notice I didn’t say friends. Friends aren’t the worst people to study with, but sometimes you should get away from those people that you are always with and study with some new faces. Doing this will allow you to get a new perspective on whatever you’re studying. Working with those classmates can get you back on track to refocus on what is important and holds you accountable.

These are just some ways you can stay motivated after Spring Break. There are a lot of different ways out there. You just have to find the right one or two that fit you best. As long as you’re motivated and prepared, success should be right around the corner.