Why I Chose Manor College

As a senior in high school, I wanted to major in everything. To test the waters, I started a business after graduating high school, which I ran for a year (a post about my gap year is coming out soon).  I enjoyed running my business, but it became apparent to me that I needed more knowledge in order to take it to the next level. I decided to attend Manor College so that I would be able to accomplish my new goal of re-opening my business.


Sarah is currently the Marketing Communications Intern and will be blogging weekly about life at Manor!

Manor College was my top choice for several reasons. First, it was close to home, which was ideal because originally I planned to keep my business running while attending college. Additionally, living at home allowed me to save even more money on top of the affordable tuition. Second, I was attracted to the idea of graduating in two years; I wanted to start my business again as soon as possible, and I didn’t particularly enjoy high school, so I wasn’t thrilled to enroll in another four years of school. Third, I wanted a small college where I could speak one-on-one with my professors.

Ironically, my decision to avoid four years of college by attending Manor College has resulted in my desire to attend Graduate school after my next college. Manor College has given me the opportunities, role models, and professors that have gently pushed me in the right direction for a successful future.

Look out for my next post about What I Did During My Gap Year.