What I Did During my Gap Year

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that I had a wide variety of things I wanted to major in at college, and I decided that running a business would help me pick a major. For a year after graduating high school, I founded and ran a muffin baking business called Confection Muffins from my house.

me and zucchini

After a customer called or messaged me to place an order, I baked, packaged, and delivered the muffins to them. It was always relaxing listening to music while mixing up a batch of muffins. Several times I received large orders of over 100 muffins, all of which had to be prepared within two or three days so that they didn’t go bad. As much as I enjoyed the thrill of those orders, I’ve realized that I enjoyed the business aspects more than the baking.


I created a website, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Google PlusPinterest, and Twitter accounts for my business. Through trial and error, I discovered my target market- those who buy my products most often, and that they were most often on Facebook, which became my ideal way to attract more customers.

I attended farmer’s markets and local businesses with my products. “Muffin Mini’s” were popular at a local nail salon who promoted my business in exchange for mini muffins.

While managing my business, I attended adult classes such as, “A Business’ Crash Course to Social Media”, “Website Design”, and “Effective PR for your Growing Business” to further my knowledge of small businesses. In most cases, I picked up tidbits of information that I didn’t know, but most often I already knew a majority of the material, having grown up with computers and social media, as well as all that my business taught me.

pumpkin muffins

I was eager to learn more about managing a business, ideally my own business. My dream to begin a profitable business has contributed to my determination to exceed and to make the most out of every opportunity thrown my way.