What I’m Doing Over Christmas Break

Thank goodness Christmas break is here! I have a fairly busy schedule ahead of me, but I’m excited for all of the holiday festivities!

The most important thing for me to do this break is apply to colleges. I hope to use my time off from school wisely so that I don’t have extra work to do when classes start again. There are a few things, such as my official Manor transcript, that I’m waiting to send until my Fall semester grades are submitted.  On the other hand, I’m forcing myself to complete the Common Application over break.

If I have time this break, I would love to get ahead on my job search for the summer. I’m not sure where or what I want to do, but I know that I need to make money to pay for college. Wish me luck!

When it comes to my holiday to-do list, I’m looking forward to baking for Christmas. I enjoy baking and brightening someone’s day through the desserts I made. Baked goods also make great, affordable gifts for friends and family. Looking for gift ideas? Check out my blog on holiday gifts for friends and family.

On top of baking gifts for my family and friends, I’m looking forward to attending the Tableaux at my church. The event is always a peaceful evening that never fails to get me in the holiday spirit! I especially love the song, “Mary Did You Know”, that the shepherds sing. To this day, I have yet to find a version online that sounds as good as the version sung in our Cathedral.

After Christmas, I will be visiting my boyfriend before classes start up again. This is our third year in a long distance relationship, and unfortunately we can’t visit each other as much as we would like, because we’re both in college. I’m excited to spend time and laughter with him before it’s time to focus on another semester of classes and work!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and an enjoyable break, see you in 2015!

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