Combat Senioritis

With only two months left before the end of this semester, some of us might be having “Senioritis” as Sophomores (or even Freshmen). However, now is not the time to slack off! Instead, we need to finish strong, however hard that may be. To help combat “Senioritis”, I’ve created this blog post to encourage all of us to end the semester on a positive note.

IMG_8423To keep yourself encouraged, I recommend finding (or creating) rewards in your daily activities. Don’t want to do that reading assignment? Place M&M’s or Skittles on your page, and eat one at a time as you approach it by reading the page. For other assignments, place a coin or dollar bill into a jar for each one that you complete, and then treat yourself later with the money.

On top of short term rewards, I recommend having general rewards that you repeatedly look forward to. For example, I look forward to events on campus, seeing my boyfriend, and sleeping. When I’m feeling sleepy or in the dumps, I encourage myself knowing that one of those rewards are bound to happen soon.

Have goals for yourself so that you can tell yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. What do you want to do when you “grow up”, and what do you need to do to get there? Personally, my goal is to run a business in the future. This goal drives me to learn as much as possible in and out of the classroom so that I can achieve it. Without a vision for my future, I’d be a lot less motivated than I am.

In addition to goals, it’s important to do what you love. I enjoy my classes because they’re teaching me information that I’m sincerely interested in and want to learn more about. Additionally, my classes are showing me how I can succeed at my goals. Doing assignments and going to class is easier and more fun when you see how it applies to your life.

Lastly, another obvious way to inspire yourself is to read inspirational quotes. You can check out my list of inspirational quotes in a previous blog post that will encourage you to work hard and finish strong!

I wish you all luck finishing your semester strong, and remember: the more you do now, the less you need to do later!

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