Reflections On Being An Intern….

As you probably know, I’m graduating this May! Unfortunately, that also means that I must leave my Marketing Communications Internship behind me. Therefore, the Marketing Communications Department at Manor College is looking for a new intern!

Working with Kelly Peiffer, Assistant Director of Marketing Communications has been a very valuable experience! She is super knowledgeable, understanding, creative and fun. Kelly includes me in her brainstorming and decision processes, which not only gives me insight, but it also adds meaning to my work.

As Kelly’s intern, I do a wide variety of tasks that get mixed with weekly jobs to keep my work interesting. To name a few of my responsibilities, I schedule Tweets, take pictures at events, write a weekly blog, and upload/caption/tag photos to albums to the Manor College Flickr account. I play a large role in Trivia Tuesdays on the Manor College Facebook page by creating relationships with local businesses for prizes, coming up with trivia questions, and mailing gift cards to the winners. In the spring, I contacted faculty and alumni for updates in our 2015 Annual Review. (P.S. If you are a Manor alum reading this, send in your life update to

Besides spending my five hours a week in the office, I also spend time around campus capturing pictures and videos to post to our social media accounts. Occasionally, I would create a video to go with my blog postings. It would be great to have even more blog videos, as well as Vines, next year!

One of the coolest parts about my internship is that I’m encouraged to voice my opinions and ideas. Even better: I tend to see my suggestions on Manor’s social media accounts! Additionally, Kelly allows her intern to pick a year-long project. This is awesome because you can tailor the internship to fit your goals! When I decided that I wanted to learn about graphic design, Kelly spent a Friday morning teaching me the basics of InDesign.

This year, Kelly actually left me in charge of Manor’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for three weeks while she was away. Do you know how awesome it is to post to Manor’s social media? Super awesome. Kelly prepared me to succeed on my own through her expertise and instruction.

In the future, I want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), coding and graphic design. SEO is crucial for your online content to show up in search results in order to reach your target market. Coding and graphic design would be very useful if I focus my career on social media and websites. As of now, the majority of graphic design that I know is from spending that Friday morning with Kelly.

I’ve been very pleased with everything that I’ve accomplished and learned this year in the Marketing Communications Department. Additionally, this internship will look great on your resume! If you’re going to be a Manor College student next year, I highly encourage you to apply! Please view the job posting at this link, or comment below.intern posting for FB

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