My Next Steps…

Graduation and summer are (finally) upon us! Time has flown by, but at the same time I’m very ready for a break! My goals this summer are to make money, gain experience, spend time with my boyfriend, and relax. After summer, it’s grind time once again!

I have many part time obligations to gain experience over the summer. I’m going to continue interning with Woody Bicycles, a start-up company located in Cape May, NJ. This internship offers me great experience when it comes to starting a small business. I’ve already created a limited liability release form for them, and I’m currently working on a media kit. On top of this internship, I have three leads that could result in more internship opportunities for the summer.

In regards to making money, my primary source of income will be regular babysitting. On top of this responsibility, I’m going to help an author create a website for his book, and perhaps teach him the ropes of social media (I can’t wait!)

Besides all of these working obligations, I also hope to relax and spend time with my boyfriend. My schedule tends to get very hectic during the school year, so I appreciate down time when I get it. Additionally, it’s difficult to visit my boyfriend in Connecticut during the school year because of classes, so I’m excited to spend quality time with him this summer.

After the summer, I’m looking forward to transferring to a four year college. This past winter, I applied to Fairfield University, Moravian College, Quinnipiac University, and Villanova University. I’m still waiting to hear an admission decision from two of those colleges, and therefore I haven’t picked one yet. This next step in my education is an exciting one that I can’t wait to pursue!

I can’t believe how quickly this semester went, or how soon it will be over! I have high hopes for a fun summer this year, and can only imagine the experiences and opportunities I’ll receive at my next college! Best of luck to everyone finishing the semester!

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