6 Things To Do With Your Manor Student I.D Card

One of the best parts of being a college student is that others take pity on how poor we are, including businesses! 

Those businesses offer disManorCard logo-1counts to us when we show our student I.D., and even if the discounts are “only” 10% or 15% each, it adds up! The following businesses are the top five that I think are the most applicable to us as Manor College students. Take advantage of the opportunity to save money while you can!

1. The Daily Grind – 261 Old York Rd Jenkintown, PA 19046
Get 10% off at The Daily Grind, located about five minutes from campus.  This is my personal favorite café. The atmosphere is always quaint and quiet, the perfect spot for a relaxing brunch between classes. Their free Wi-Fi is ideal for finishing those pesky projects and papers. Lucky for us, they offer a 10% discount if we show our Manor I.D. cards! I recommend their sausage, egg and cheese on a crescent!

2. U-Swirl – 817 Old York Rd Jenkintown, PA 19046 
Get 15% off at U-Swirl.  Only 5 minutes away, and has a hip atmosphere that’s sure to wake you up on dreary days! If the cheerful atmosphere doesn’t, one of their 20 fat-free or sugar-free frozen yogurt flavors and over 60 toppings surely will improve your mood! With a 15% Manor I.D. discount, it’s definitely worth the weight!

3. YoFresh – 1621 The Fairway Jenkintown, PA 19046 
Get 15% off your order at YoFresh!  Only about five minutes from campus, YoFresh offers a huge variety of toppings that finish off any of their fat free or no-sugar-added frozen yogurts. They have several kinds of ice cream cones to match your frozen yogurt creation. If toppings aren’t your thing, pair frozen yogurt with fruit to create your own smoothie! Wrap all those options with free Wi-Fi and a 15% discount, and you can’t go wrong!

 4. Movie Theaters, varies Most movie theaters, including Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theaters, offer student discounts, often during the week. Take a study break by visiting your movie theater and get a discount while you’re at it!

 5. McDonald’s and Burger King, The next time you’re grabbing a speedy meal at McDonald’s or Burger King, make sure you ask about their 10% student discount! If you do the math, I bet you can save a decent amount of your precious money by using this discount!

Bonus Tip: Did you know that you can use your Manor Student I.D. as a credit card around campus? To do so, simply add money to your card, and then swipe it in the cafeteria, campus store, or Student Activities Office to pay for food, Manor gear, and tickets! Quite possibly the best part of this deal is that your relatives and parents can add money to your card as well! To add money to your card, follow this link here!

Want more student discounts for local restaurants and shops?
Email me at sclymer@manor.edu with where you would like to get a student discount, and I’ll do my best to make it happen!