Let The Fun Begin!

Hello once again all you blog readers! I hope all is going well in your daily lives and you’re enjoying life, and this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. Did anyone go see the Pope in Philadelphia over the weekend? If so, let me know all about your experiences and what it was like!

As we all know, classes are in full swing now, along with all extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. I am indeed already fully immersed in my classes this year. For the fall semester, I’m taking the following classes:

  • Introduction to Business with Professor Marc Minnick
  • History of Western Civilization with Professor George Tomezsko
  • Introduction to Microsoft Computer Applications with Professor Norma Hall
  • Philosophy and the Human Condition with Professor Anne Knop
  • Criminal Practice and Procedure (starting October 31st) with Professor J.D. Rice

Along with these great classes, clubs have started up as well. As we all know, Manor College has many FANTASTIC clubs including: C.A.B. (the Campus Activity Board), Student Senate, Rotaract, and even a Fashion Club! I myself am part of C.A.B., Student Senate, Legal Studies Students Association (L.S.S.A.), Alpha Beta Gama (honors society), and most recently, the latest addition, the new Martial Arts Club!

From left to right: Me, Julianne, Zoeya, and Jordan representing Student Senate and C.A.B. at the Get Acquainted Picnic!

From left to right: Me, Julie, Zoeya, and Jordan representing Student Senate and C.A.B. at the Get Acquainted Picnic!

C.A.B. is responsible for a great many of Manor’s super fun events, like the Valentine’s Day Photo Booth, and my personal favorite, the rollerskating party!

A great group of my friends from the Valentine's Day Photo Booth last year!

A great group of my friends from the Valentine’s Day Photo Booth last year, including one of my fellow blog writers, Julie!

Most recently, C.A.B. has started selling tickets for our annual Halloween trip! This year, we’re headed to Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls! Ticket prices will be $15 for Manor Students, and just $20 for any non-Manor student who you might want to bring along (transportation will be provided)! The trip will take place on October 22nd, departing right from Manor at 7:00 PM. The 22nd will be here before you know it, and the deadline for purchasing tickets is October 19th, so make sure you head to the Student Activities office in the Academic building, or if someone you know is a C.A.B. member, ask them for tickets. If you see me around, you can ask me as well! I really hope to see a great turnout on the 22nd, and I look forward to a fantastically terrifying trip! You can find out more about Terror Behind the Walls, and Eastern State Penitentiary, here: http://www.easternstate.org/halloween

If you’re interested in joining C.A.B. or Student Senate, be sure to swing by the Student Activities Office and talk to Ali Mootz to find out even more about all the clubs, and what’s involved. It’s always great to get involved around campus and to help out and give back! Plus, it can be a nice break between classes or studying to come to meetings and help plan great activities (especially if you join C.A.B.)!

I really hope to see some new students join in the fun with all these clubs, and I hope all of your classes are off to a fantastic start so far! This is Jenna, signing off until next time!

Oh – I’m really excited that Manor is selling these awesome Breast Cancer Awareness shirts this month too!  Check them out here and make sure you order yours!