Midterms Got Me Like.

Hey guys, I hope the semester is going great for everyone so far. My semester has been filled with ups and downs, but it wouldn’t be college if it wasn’t, right? Sadly one of my “downs” will be coming soon enough. Wondering why? Well, one word –  midterms.

Yes, it’s already that time of year.  In most classes midterms are a pretty big part of your grade, so you want to make sure that you study and are prepared to ace this big test!

This 100 percent me when it comes to studying.

This is me when it comes to studying.

Usually around this time I can be found sitting in my room with my books in front of me, sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow. So, let’s stop the sobbing, and get to studying!  If you need some study tips keep reading this blog for tricks that will help you ace that tough midterm and have a great semester!

Study Tips:

  1. Begin preparing as soon as possible. Don’t wait til last minute to prepare your study tools, and your notes. Start ASAP!
  2. Go to review sessions in class! I know a lot of us use those review days as day offs, but DON’T! Go to the review session, they help.
  3. Start or join a study group. Most likely the same questions you have, so do the other kids in your class. Start or join a study group to find those answers together.

    I love this baby. He works for everything. TEAMWORK!

    I love this baby. He works for everything. TEAMWORK!

  4. Eat! More importantly, eat healthy foods. Eating healthy helps stimulate the mind.
  5. On midterm eve skim through Chapter headings, footnotes, the course syllabus, study questions, and chapter reviews. This should help refresh your mind on what you might have missed before.

If you don’t remember anything else about these tips, just remember it’s all about Relaxation, Preparation, and Time Management.

The Aftermath

The midterm is over, but the semester isn’t. Keep working at the awesome grades you’ve already earned; or nudge a grade slightly higher to reach a certain goal; or try to save yourself from a poor grade or failure. Make an appointment with your Professor and find out where your grade is at right now. Whether you’re celebrating because of your grade or freaking out, meet with your Professor to know where you stand at this moment–while there is still time to make a plan of attack.

I hope these tips help you and good luck!!

A Guest Post From Sarah Clymer, Class of 2015: Hey Manor – I’ve Missed You!

Hello, Manor community! I’ve missed you!

As many of you know, I graduated from Manor this past spring and transferred to Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, where I’m continuing my Management degree.

Unfortunately, this means I’m required to take Calculus this and next semester; math is definitely not my strong suit, so I’ve been going to math tutoring almost every night. On the bright side, all of my classes transferred into Moravian (although many as electives), so I’m still on track to graduate in two years!

If my schedule allows it, I’d like to add a writing aspect to my major, perhaps the new certification in writing that Moravian is offering.

Outside of the classroom, I’ve joined MBL (Moravian Business Leaders), AAUW (American Association of University Women), and the Comenian Newspaper. As a member of AAUW, I’m a part of two committees. I’m in the process of writing two submissions for the November issue of the Comenian, and I might help with editing and their website.

This semester, I have two work-study jobs: in the Public Relations Department and as a Note Taker for the Academic Support Center.

I currently take and submit my notes for my Calculus and News and Feature Writing classes. I enjoy being a Note Taker because it’s simple and doesn’t take up too much more of my time than the classes already do!

In the Public Relations Department, I spend two hours a week in the office doing misc. tasks such as researching, brainstorming, and contacting local businesses. On top of those hours, I also spend a total of two hours a week posting to Moravian’s Instagram and Snapchat on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s. (Follow them @MoravianCollege! My Instagram posts include “- S.C.” in the caption.) I’m still looking forward to starting a blog as part of this work-study job.

I’m pretty positive that the main reason I’ve gotten hours in the Public Relations Department is due to the experiences I acquired while working with Kelly in the Marketing Communications Department at Manor! A big thank you to everyone that had any part in creating that internship opportunity 🙂

Thank you for all of your support, and please stay in touch with me (you can follow me on Twitter @sarahclyms)

Here is a picture of myself, my roommate (Quay - who is also a transfer) and a few other Moravian friends at Six Flags from a few weeks ago.

Here is a picture of myself, my roommate (Quay – who is also a transfer) and a few other Moravian friends at Six Flags from a few weeks ago.

Manor. The Melting Pot.

As I roam the halls of Manor College, instead of studying relentlessly like a “good” student until my eyeballs fall out of their sockets (looking like the new Snapchat update), I see something different everyday. Every room I pass is different from the last room. Manors diversity is a huge part of the experience here at Manor. Diversity is defined as a range of different things. I’m sure if you searched hard enough Manor would be defined the same way.

Manor’s a melting pot, all races, cultures, and religious choices.

Manor, The Melting Pot small College.

Manor, The Melting Pot.

When I first enrolled at Manor, I was coming from The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). Probably the most popular community college in Philadelphia. CCP was a diverse college, different people everywhere you go. Tall, short, long hair, short hair, different races and other things. CCP is also a very large campus, which makes Manor so very special in my eyes. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that Manor College is one-of-a-kind. There really is no other college like Manor. Manor is just as diverse as some of these big colleges in Philly, the kicker being that Manor is a small college.

There’s people that I’ve met at Manor that are old enough to be my parents. There’s a guy I’ve met in one of my classes who has a wife, kids and a full-time job helping kids that are known as “delinquents.” He’s a psychology major because he wants to do more then just help those kids, he wants them to help remove the stigma that they can’t do well in this life because they have been labeled as “delinquents.”  He is one of the most down to earth people I’ve met because of his faith in those kids. He chose to come to Manor because he saw that Manor was the right college to help him grow, and also help those kids grow too.

Diversity really does start here at Manor.

Diversity really does start here at Manor.

I believe because Manor is diverse it also helps students be better students. Having a diverse group of students and teachers makes someone like me more interested in class. For example, I’m taking a Principles to Marketing class this semester. It’s one of the most diverse classes I’ve taken at Manor. Everyone in that class is nothing like the person next to them. Whether it’s gender, ethnicity, beliefs, or how much they like or don’t like the class. For me, I love the class. I love the class because it helps me learn more about Marketing, then I can take what I’ve learned and apply it to my internship here at Manor and vise versa. Imagine if you’re in a Marketing class and everyone has the same ideas – that’s boring. That’s what makes this class, (and Manor) so great – everyone is unique.

My Principles of Marketing professor, Gilbert Ridgely, is completely different from the other professors at Manor. Sometimes “Ridge” and I agree, and sometimes we don’t, but that’s what I believe diversity is all about. Difference and diversity go hand in hand. I’m not going to agree with everything you say or believe, but we can grow together as people and students throughout the semester. Which is why I say Manor being filled with diversity helps its students. We all have different ideas and opinions which helps stimulate our minds. We are forced to be thought provoking – which is awesome.

Volunteering at a Once in a Lifetime Event: Why I Decided to Volunteer at the WMOF

This is a guest post by Director of Early Childhood Education, Cherie Crosby

Sometime early in 2015 I decided to volunteer at one of the largest events in the city of Philadelphia-The World Meeting of Families (WMOF) and the Papal Visit. As an educator, I have a strong desire to “pay forward” the many gifts I have received during my lifetime and volunteering is one way I can do this on a large scale. When I first heard about the WMOF, I thought I need to be a part of this historic moment in history, and when Sister Cecilia mentioned it to me; I knew my commitment had to become a reality.

Group from AngolaI decided to volunteer during the conference and the Papal Mass. Initially, as the months got closer to the event, I joined many in criticizing the need for the excessive security measure that were going to be placed in Philadelphia and thought is this necessary. After much discussion with several friends, it became apparent that much of the security was necessary for one reason and one reason only: to prevent a terrorist attack in Philadelphia. I am hugely thankful that this did not occur.

On my first day at the convention center, Sunday, September 20 it was apparent that this was something I would never experience before. It is not very often that you get to see people from the entire world in on place. What I particularly enjoyed during the three days that I volunteered at the convention center was the army of volunteers that choose to give their time. Approximately 11,500 volunteers outside of fire, medical, police, and federal and state security organizations volunteered during the event. They were people from all races, religions, ages, and areas of the country. In addition, the attendees renewed my hope for humanity to spend more time getting to know one another. Throughout the week, people took the time to talk with one another, smiled at each other and took the time to say hello. On an average day outside the event, this does not always happen in Philadelphia.

Each day I volunteered, I noticed the security measures that were put in place: National Guard everywhere, FBI agents making frequent changes to security detail, and concrete and military barriers on all the side streets. The most striking reminder of the security was the morning of the Papal visit when no traffic was visible in the area around the convention center as well as the Parkway. It was a scene out of the “Walking Dead,” literally!

Me volunteering

During the Papal visit, I volunteered at the 19th and Callowhill Security checkpoint and spent the morning and early afternoon directing people in and out of the area. This was not an easy task. Although a good portion of people arrived before the 11 o’clock hour and probably go into the secure areas of the parkway fairly smoothly, those that arrived after that time certainly had more difficulty. At most checkpoints due to the nature of hand checking bags, the lines moved very slowly, and people were often moving from checkpoint to checkpoint to find access. For me, I expected this due to the nature of what I saw during the week and was not surprised by this. I suspect it is quite difficult to get several agencies including volunteers to work in tandem. That said, I believe that the Papal visit was a great experience overall.

For the first time in a long time, I had seen people take the time to see one another. In addition, the event probably caused people to have many discussions around rebuilding families and put renew interest in the issue of poverty in this country.

Therefore, you are probably asking why I volunteered, particularly since I am not Catholic. I volunteered for three reasons:

I am an educator, and we should give back to our community. I feel strongly that colleges have the capacity to support events like this in big ways, and this was evident by the numerous numbers of colleges who sent teams of people to volunteer.

I appreciate the Pope’s message of helping the underdog. Often the most difficult issues in our country are often the most difficult issues for us to address in a humane way. I appreciate the fact that Pope Francis cared deeply about issues surrounding poverty and took the time to visit several prisons and schools during his visit to the US.

Lastly, my parents raised me to help others, and I have dedicated my life to doing just that.

How I’m Staying Motivated To Keep Working Hard

The beginning of the semester is always a tough start for me. It’s not easy to readjust into school mode after spending three months in a summer mindset!

As of right now, I am currently taking six different courses:

  • Anatomy & Physiology with Dr. Aneesh Kushman
  • Effective Oral Communication with Professor Beth Brooks
  • College Algebra with Professor Leslie Weinfeld
  • Philosophy & The Human Condition with Professor Anne Knop
  • Religion & The Human Experience with Professor Michael Sims

These classes keep me on my toes, but there are also athletics and clubs that keep me involved as well. I’m currently involved in our Student Senate, CAB (Campus Activities Board), Student Ambassadors, Women’s basketball, Women’s volleyball, and the new Martial Arts Club!

Our women’s volleyball team is currently holding a solid record with 4 wins and 7 losses. That record keeps us in the running for the playoffs which will make Manor history! The Women’s volleyball team has never been to the playoffs in the five seasons it has been played. I’m greatly honored to wear that gameday jersey down the halls and to be apart of a talented playoff team. It gets pretty hectic balancing athletics and school. There are some days where I’m exhausted from practice and I might not want to finish my homework. Luckily, the basketball girls have an amazing coach, Robert Reeves, who not only keeps us in shape on the court, but in the classroom as well. Sports are what motivate me to wake up in the morning and take the day on! If I don’t stay on top of my classes, I can’t go to practice, or worse, a game! Coach gives us that little healthy reminder that we are students first, before we are athletes. I truly love playing sports in college, I wouldn’t trade this frenzied lifestyle for anything.

Here is my team – the 2014 women’s basketball team! Coach Robert Reeves is to the right.

Here are my volleyball teammates and I!

I know many of you live hectic, demanding lives as well. It can make completing your schoolwork challenging, especially if you don’t completely understand the work being assigned. If you’re having trouble in a certain class, I would like to refer you to Michael Landis in our Learning Center (down the hall from the cafeteria). He will be happy to set you up with a tutor. That way, you can contact the assigned tutor and arrange times to meet up! Never be afraid to ask for help! I’ve been told by several professors that, “The best students ask for help.” So, use our free resources and get the help you need as soon as possible!

Be sure to check out our Counseling center while you are at it! We have two fantastic counselors who will be more than willing to attempt to relieve some of your stress! Our “Personal Counselor” Christie Price. She will assist you in any personal or school related issues you may be faced with. Also, our Transfer Advisor Christine Krewson! If you are looking to see what credits will transfer to another school or if you need help deciding what to do with your future go to her!  Remember-you are not alone! Seek the help you need early to avoid any future conflicts.

As for me, I’m taking part in our Blood Drive which occurs on October 8th. I think it’s pretty cool being able to say you assisted in saving someone’s life. If you are feeling brave and are able to give blood, please be sure to sign up for our Blood Drive in Ali Mootz’ office ASAP!!

If you are still intrigued enough by my post to have made it this far, then I recommend swinging by my fellow blogger Jenna. Her blog has informative information about upcoming events!