How I’m Staying Motivated To Keep Working Hard

The beginning of the semester is always a tough start for me. It’s not easy to readjust into school mode after spending three months in a summer mindset!

As of right now, I am currently taking six different courses:

  • Anatomy & Physiology with Dr. Aneesh Kushman
  • Effective Oral Communication with Professor Beth Brooks
  • College Algebra with Professor Leslie Weinfeld
  • Philosophy & The Human Condition with Professor Anne Knop
  • Religion & The Human Experience with Professor Michael Sims

These classes keep me on my toes, but there are also athletics and clubs that keep me involved as well. I’m currently involved in our Student Senate, CAB (Campus Activities Board), Student Ambassadors, Women’s basketball, Women’s volleyball, and the new Martial Arts Club!

Our women’s volleyball team is currently holding a solid record with 4 wins and 7 losses. That record keeps us in the running for the playoffs which will make Manor history! The Women’s volleyball team has never been to the playoffs in the five seasons it has been played. I’m greatly honored to wear that gameday jersey down the halls and to be apart of a talented playoff team. It gets pretty hectic balancing athletics and school. There are some days where I’m exhausted from practice and I might not want to finish my homework. Luckily, the basketball girls have an amazing coach, Robert Reeves, who not only keeps us in shape on the court, but in the classroom as well. Sports are what motivate me to wake up in the morning and take the day on! If I don’t stay on top of my classes, I can’t go to practice, or worse, a game! Coach gives us that little healthy reminder that we are students first, before we are athletes. I truly love playing sports in college, I wouldn’t trade this frenzied lifestyle for anything.

Here is my team – the 2014 women’s basketball team! Coach Robert Reeves is to the right.

Here are my volleyball teammates and I!

I know many of you live hectic, demanding lives as well. It can make completing your schoolwork challenging, especially if you don’t completely understand the work being assigned. If you’re having trouble in a certain class, I would like to refer you to Michael Landis in our Learning Center (down the hall from the cafeteria). He will be happy to set you up with a tutor. That way, you can contact the assigned tutor and arrange times to meet up! Never be afraid to ask for help! I’ve been told by several professors that, “The best students ask for help.” So, use our free resources and get the help you need as soon as possible!

Be sure to check out our Counseling center while you are at it! We have two fantastic counselors who will be more than willing to attempt to relieve some of your stress! Our “Personal Counselor” Christie Price. She will assist you in any personal or school related issues you may be faced with. Also, our Transfer Advisor Christine Krewson! If you are looking to see what credits will transfer to another school or if you need help deciding what to do with your future go to her!  Remember-you are not alone! Seek the help you need early to avoid any future conflicts.

As for me, I’m taking part in our Blood Drive which occurs on October 8th. I think it’s pretty cool being able to say you assisted in saving someone’s life. If you are feeling brave and are able to give blood, please be sure to sign up for our Blood Drive in Ali Mootz’ office ASAP!!

If you are still intrigued enough by my post to have made it this far, then I recommend swinging by my fellow blogger Jenna. Her blog has informative information about upcoming events!