Midterms Got Me Like.

Hey guys, I hope the semester is going great for everyone so far. My semester has been filled with ups and downs, but it wouldn’t be college if it wasn’t, right? Sadly one of my “downs” will be coming soon enough. Wondering why? Well, one word –  midterms.

Yes, it’s already that time of year.  In most classes midterms are a pretty big part of your grade, so you want to make sure that you study and are prepared to ace this big test!

This 100 percent me when it comes to studying.

This is me when it comes to studying.

Usually around this time I can be found sitting in my room with my books in front of me, sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow. So, let’s stop the sobbing, and get to studying!  If you need some study tips keep reading this blog for tricks that will help you ace that tough midterm and have a great semester!

Study Tips:

  1. Begin preparing as soon as possible. Don’t wait til last minute to prepare your study tools, and your notes. Start ASAP!
  2. Go to review sessions in class! I know a lot of us use those review days as day offs, but DON’T! Go to the review session, they help.
  3. Start or join a study group. Most likely the same questions you have, so do the other kids in your class. Start or join a study group to find those answers together.

    I love this baby. He works for everything. TEAMWORK!

    I love this baby. He works for everything. TEAMWORK!

  4. Eat! More importantly, eat healthy foods. Eating healthy helps stimulate the mind.
  5. On midterm eve skim through Chapter headings, footnotes, the course syllabus, study questions, and chapter reviews. This should help refresh your mind on what you might have missed before.

If you don’t remember anything else about these tips, just remember it’s all about Relaxation, Preparation, and Time Management.

The Aftermath

The midterm is over, but the semester isn’t. Keep working at the awesome grades you’ve already earned; or nudge a grade slightly higher to reach a certain goal; or try to save yourself from a poor grade or failure. Make an appointment with your Professor and find out where your grade is at right now. Whether you’re celebrating because of your grade or freaking out, meet with your Professor to know where you stand at this moment–while there is still time to make a plan of attack.

I hope these tips help you and good luck!!

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