The Athletic Side Of Life

By: Julianne K. 

I’m moving onto my second year of being a student-collegiate athlete here at Manor college! The women’s basketball team has officially started its regular season, holding a solid record with three wins and two losses. With only three returning players from last year, we’ve managed to mesh very well with the personalities and backgrounds of our new teammates. With the long season ahead of us, I know we will continue to gel together.  My teammates can probably vouch for me when I say that school without basketball is unimaginable. It’s my favorite way to decompress after an exhausting and sometimes frustrating day in class. It has allowed me to experience things that I may have never experienced. I have traveled places I would have never seen otherwise. I have made relationships that I will never forget. For me, it’s not about the title, but the opportunity to wake up and do what I love – basketball. College basketball was once a dream, but now that it’s a reality, I’m proud to live it up everyday. One of my favorite singers Taylor Swift would say, “Honey, life is just a classroom.” She’s right! After all, I have learned just as much outside the classroom as within. The experiences that you have and the relationships you make in your life help define who you are. It’s that afternoon text you receive from your best friend that reads, “I miss you, dude. I wanna hang out…”, or that text from your mom on the way to a game that says, “Good Luck! I love you!” I live for the little things in life, they keep us sane throughout our hectic school lives.

Here are 11 tips from #11 on the court !manor ball

  1. Naps are a gift, nap wisely.
  2. Life is better drama free. Be the bigger person and walk away from gossip if you can.
  3. Laugh, laughter is the best medicine.
  4. Being single in college is amazing, you have nothing but time.
  5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  6. Caffeine, all-nighters aren’t easy.
  7. Your mom makes a really great best friend.
  8. Sometimes, your sibling loves you more than you think.
  9. You don’t need to drink or smoke to have a good time!
  10. Reevaluate, prioritize, and try to find the fun in every situation.
  11. If there is one man you can count on, It’s Jesus.


I’m so thankful for this chapter in my life. I am very grateful for all my former coaches for believing in me when I doubted myself, for those that believed someday I would play college basketball. My coaches always pushed me to do better. Here at Manor, Coach Rob is so special to my team and myself, someone we know that we can count on. Basketball has been the root cause of many heartbreaks, yet also manages to make me feel so happy. I’m all about living in the moment and that’s exactly what basketball is about. It’s the rush of a “fast break” or knocking down a major three watching the crowd explode. I might not remember every play of the game, but you sure do remember those moments that pumped you up or sadly broke your heart. That’s what I love about the athletic side of life and how it brings out the better student in me!

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” -Winston Churchill

Here is a link to our schedule, come out and support!!



Finish Strong!

By: Ruben C. 

Can you believe it? It’s already the middle of November, meaning that it’s already December. Yes, that’s how months work for me. Time flies, it doesn’t wait for anyone. Which sucks because I could remember me writing my first blog like it was yesterday. (Shameless Plug: You can read it right here )

Anyways, the semester is basically over, but it’s not over yet. We still have a couple weeks left so I have a couple of ideas that I think will help you finish the semester strong!


Success baby motivation! FINISH STRONG!

1. Always monitor your mindset. Monitor your way of thinking. Don’t lose sight of a healthy mindset. Sometimes having multiple responsibilities at the end of the semester can overwhelm you. So it’s great to just step away from the work and breath. Instead of saying “how am I going to get this work done”, say “my work WILL get done!” Think positive!

2. Stay in the moment! Sometimes when your mind is filled with school work and other things you can begin to think about the future and begin to worry. Honestly, worrying never does anything to help. The more you worry the less you are concentrating on your work. Worrying is distracting and can drain you mentally. When you can focus at the task at hand, you won’t have time to worry.

3. Learn the best way to keep yourself from stressing out. Pressure


This blew my mind! Don’t stress, go eat some dessert.

and deadlines can help us plan and prioritize tasks, work smarter, work more
efficiently. Become the greatest manager for the work that you’re getting done. Having these skills can help reduce stress, and can keep you from freaking out. Be realistic but also be smart about your time.

4. Get your thoughts out of your head! Grab a piece of paper and start writing. Being overwhelmed with our thoughts can make it hard to make sense of your situation. We love to blow things out of proportion and we start confusing the facts. Then we go into panic mode, panic mode is never good. Getting your thoughts on paper can help you decide how you’re going to attack your work. Having a plan of attack in very important as well!

5. Try to avoid being alone all the time. Working in a quiet space with your own thoughts is great, but we as people long for relationships and interaction with others. Reach out to someone, talk to your classmates. You never know, they might be overwhelmed with the same things you’re overwhelmed with. When you connect with other you’re more likely to talk through it, laugh through, and get passed it.

The end of the year is right around the corner and I honestly believe if you take into account these five things, getting through the end of the semester will be easier. Good luck!



To Infinity, and what Lies Beyond

Greetings once again!  I hope you’ve all been well since my last blog post, how did you do with your midterms? (Good – I hope!)Like a boss

For many of us sophomores, it’s nearing time to consider transferring to a new school, and for all you freshmen readers, it’s never too early to think about the future.

As we all know, we had our transfer fair here at Manor last week. Tons of college representatives came, and so many students came through and talked to everyone. It was a fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse at what schools I could possibly transfer to, which is very good, because the sooner you prepare to transfer the better!

There’s obviously a lot you have to think about when you’re transferring, such as, will my credits transfer? Will I like the school? What about scholarships?

Make sure take classes at Manor that are more likely to transfer over so you can bring al your Manor credits with you to your next school. Talk to your adviser about the classes you plan on taking to ensure you can get the most credits to carry over!

Attend the school’s tour and orientation to get a feel for the campus, faculty and staff, students, and the general atmosphere.  If you’re not comfortable around the people there, or get a weird vibe when you visit, then it’s probably not the best choice for you.

Always check for scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and when you see them, go for it! If there’s any kind of scholarship you can apply for (and you’re qualified) then apply! Don’t waste an opportunity to get financial help affording the future college of your dreams.

Of course – don’t forget to choose your major. Some programs, such as a nursing or veterinary programs, can take a while to get into, so like I said before, the sooner you prepare the better! Plus, early admission is always good; the sooner you apply, the sooner you know whether you’ve gotten in or not!

Be sure to talk to your adviser and the Manor’s transfer Coordinator (Chris Krewson – email her at about what colleges have the majors you’re looking for. Never be afraid to approach your adviser for help, that’s what they’re here for: to advise you! I know my adviser is always willing to help me out whenever I need her, and she’s given me great advice and recommendations as to where I should go on to next!
These are your dreams and your future choices. To reach your goals you have to work for them, but if you’re working towards a goal you are truly passionate about, you’ll get there in no time.

So sure, thinking about the future can be scary, but it’s something we all have to do. If you’ve been thinking about where you’re going to transfer to, let me know in the comments below!

May we all reach our goals, follow our hearts, and make our dreams come true.