Holiday Greetings and Reflections

By: Jenna- Kim L. 

As we all know, the semester is coming to an end. A few will be graduating by the end of this semester, while others will be transferring. We will all be headed home for the holidays for a well deserved break. But before we can do any of that, we must make it through finals!

Finals are exhausting, but I fully believe you can get through them all! Study hard, but don’t forget to take breaks. Don’t get overwhelmed, it’ll be over before you know it!


As our semester comes to an end, I’d like to reflect on all I’ve learned this year. Obviously, I have learned a lot academically, but there’s even more to it than that.
This being my first time living away from home, it takes a lot of adjustment. You have to learn how to better take care of yourself without your parents help. I’ve learned a great amount of new responsibility while being an Resident Assistant this past semester, and I have learned a great amount from my wonderful Resident Coordinator (RC), Liz. One of the biggest things I learned from Liz was the virtue of patience. There is obviously a lot of responsibility that she carried, having to oversee so many residents and activities. Her level of patience astounds me and I admire it for it.  She may have been my first and only RC, but she’s definitely my favorite.


We Love Liz!

I’ve also learned a lot about myself and who I am over this past semester. I had always thought myself to be more shy and reserved, and while I still am, I have learned to come out of my shell a lot. I have made some wonderful new friends, both commuters and residents. I’ve become more outgoing and willing to do more public speaking and get my voice out in the community. I’ve learned to speak up and become more confident in myself, much from the help and support of my friends and peers, who truly mean so much to me. Without my friends support, I don’t know what I’d do!









Another thing that’s helped to keep me grounded over this time is my family. My family means the world to me and being away from them for so long has been a really big adjustment. I miss them so much while I’m away.  I try and keep in contact with my family as best as I can to stay close to them, and I go home on the weekends whenever I have time. My family is my biggest source of support and love. I know they’ve always got my back, even through finals week!


My wonderful family Christmas photo from 2014!

And of course, Christmas is coming up fast, it’s less than two weeks away now! I am so excited to get home and be with my family and to get to relax a little bit. All I want this year for Christmas, is for my family and friends to be happy this holiday season, and to feel the love we all deserve. And I hope all of you receive all the joy and happiness in the world this holiday season.


As this semester closes, it’s always good to look back and reflect on all you’ve done. You have accomplished so much in just a couple of months, think of what you can accomplish in a lifetime! May your future be bright, and may your holiday season and your New Year be joyful and full of love and happiness. May God bless you all this beautiful time of year, and always. Until next semester, this is Jenna, signing off till 2016! Much love to you all, good luck on your finals, best wishes to family, and Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

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