2016 Goals

By: Ruben C.



Happy New Year to all of you!

Welcome back to hopefully the best five to eight minutes of your day! I say five to eight minutes because I don’t think I’ll be writing a book for my first blog of 2016. Short and sweet is what I’m looking for. I’m happy and excited to be back at Manor this semester! The last three semesters here at Manor have been great experiences for me. Each semester brought new challenges and new successes, while helping me learn to do new things. I always knew I had goals in my life, but they were just things that came and went. Now I know to plan my goals, instead of letting them come and go.

For my first blog of 2016, I’m going to let you guys in on my goals for 2016. Most of these goals are going to be school related, but I’ll probably throw one in that’s not school related.

School Goals:

  1. Get accepted into a Four year College/University. I put this goal first because it’s one of my more immediate goals. This is a goal that I know I can achieve sooner than the others. This is my short short term goal. I had a plan to graduate from Manor, but things change, and now I plan on transferring after this semester. There’s a school


    on Broad Street, in Philadelphia, that I’ve always wanted to attend and graduate from. God willing, I’ll be accepted as soon as I send them the rest of the information that they need, but who knows, I could be getting accepted somewhere else too.

  2. Pass all my classes with an A. This is an obvious goal, everyone in school should have their eyes set on passing every class, especially with all A’s. When I was younger I used to envy those kids that got straight A’s so effortlessly, or so it seemed. Now that I’m older and in college I know that getting all A’s will not be done effortlessly, but with hard work and dedication I will do it.
  3. Perfect Attendance. Out of all of my school goals this is probably going to be the hardest goal for me. If you know me you know that I can be lazy from time to time, but not all the time. Me being lazy causes me to either miss a class or be late for a class. Well, not this semester. Baring any emergencies, I will make it to all of my classes! I guess my next goal should be: Stop being lazy! 
  4. Confidence. I believe students who are confident are willing to participate in class, and willing to provide ideas, even if I’m unsure if the idea is worth anything. I want to be willing to try new things and try again if they fail. Being confident is something that will not only help me in school but in my personal life as well.

One of my more personal goals is to pray more. As a Christian I believe that prayer acts as a base for my faith, after God and Jesus Christ. It’s so easy to get caught up with school, tests, quizzes, exams, homework, friends, family and other things that I would forget to pray, or not pray enough. This semester I’m making a change. Prayer is very important to me, so my goal for this semester and for the rest of my life is to pray more. You can never pray enough.

Those are some of my goals! I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated throughout the semester, so keep coming back to read these blogs!


How I Spent My Holiday Break

By: Julianne K. 


Lake Nockamixon during sunrise in early January

Hey guys! I’m hoping you all had a refreshing, enjoyable holiday break. I always find Christmas break to be my favorite. You get to spend time with family and friends you don’t often see during the year.

That is exactly what I did this holiday season. I spent time with those I hold dear. My holiday break began on Christmas morning, spending quality time with my mother, brother and father. We don’t always get to see each other because of our conflicting schedules. It was certainly a nice treat to have a few days off to spend together!


Christmas morning with my mother, brother and father!

You know that pit you get in your stomach as you watch your love ones drive away, knowing that you won’t see them for days, months, years? If not, it’s not a great feeling, so seeing extended family that you haven’t seen in a while is always a heartwarming time.

I made it a point to find some time to workout in the midst of applying to a few colleges. Those Christmas cookies had me feeling a little low on myself and I knew I had to whip myself back into shape! It was difficult, but I told myself that Christmas was over, and December 28th cookies should not still be considered “Christmas” cookies. The holiday season was over for good.


My friends walking the streets of NYC.

I traveled to New York City for the first time over the break. It was almost exactly how I had imagined it would be like my entire life. I may have only spent a short time there, but it was exactly how it had been portrayed in the movies. People and cars crowding the streets, bright lights, accents. It was nice to experience it first hand with my best friends, though, I don’t plan on moving there, ever.

It’s nice to have family that are not necessarily in the same vicinity as you all the time. That’s why I always enjoy the hour and forty-five minute drive to Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Hazleton is where my father grew up and it’s where my grandmom and other family members live. I don’t always have the time to visit my grandmom during the school year. That’s why it’s always a top priority to make a trip to see grandmom! After all, there is only so


My grandma and me!

much you can say over the phone.

One week later my friends and I took on an even bigger obstacle, nature. We all decided to rent a cabin at Lake Nockamixon in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. In spite of the relatively mild winter up until our trip, we encountered the coldest temperatures of the season while we were there. However, we found ways to keep warm-which meant going hiking with a grand total of about five layers of clothing.


Selfie at Haycock Mountain near Lake Nockamixon

It’s always fun driving into school when no one else is around. Well, if you’re on the women’s basketball team you know what that feels like. We practiced the entire week before school started. Basketball made up a huge portion of my break which included a part-time job at a 76ers basketball camp!

My, my, my how quickly time flies. It’s so hard to believe that we are already springing into the Spring semester which happens to be my final semester here at Manor College! I’m here to remind you that the holiday season is over and it’s time to get back into ‘school-shape.’ If you did well last semester, great, keep up the hard work! If not, learn from the past and focus on the present. I wish you all the best this semester!