So Far So Good.

By: Ruben C.

Hey guys! Thank you for coming back to, hopefully, the best three to five minutes of your day! I know there are many other things you can be doing right now, but I am super excited and very happy that you’re reading this right now! (You’re awesome!) If you are a student here at Manor or another institution, I hope your semester has been going by fast and you’re being productive. If you are wondering how my semester is going, it has been “so far so good”.

This semester I am taking five classes. Principles of Management, Math, Philosophy, Business Communications, and Managerial Accounting. It’s been just over a month since these classes started, and I am really enjoying all four of them. Yes, I said four because Math is Voldemort for me. He who must not be nahow2mathmed, or class that must not be named. I’m not a Math wiz, but I’m also not a math dunce. Math and I just don’t have a great relationship. Except for this semester! My math class this semester has actually been going well.

That’s enough about math, let’s talk about these other classes, that I can actually enjoy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any classes this semester that I can label as my favorite class. If there was a race for that title, my Business Communications, Principles of Management and Managerial Accounting classes would all end up in a tie. Those are my top three now because they are all business classes. I also have professors in each of those classes that are pretty cool, if a professor can be called cool, and know how to teach at the same time. My Managerial Accounting class was an easier transition for me compared to my other classes because I took Financial Accounting last semester with the same professor. My Business Communications class has been very informative. Lately we have been talking about resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Those are things that I sort of have a good grasp on, but I don’t mind knowing more about them. The more you know the more you grow.

My Principles of Management class focuses on the managerial functions of assessing, planning, organizing, and controlling. Both traditional and modern approaches are introduced and applied. So far throughout the class I’ve noticed that we also pay close attention to the ethical implications of managerial action and inaction. Wow. That sounded really educational, that’s how you know I’ve been listening in class.

The one class that I know is going to have me thinking outside of class is my Philosophy class. Our Professor is exactly what you think a Philosophy professor would be. He is someone who looks for the meaning of existence, in the structure of human interaction or the expression of spirituality. He doesn’t want you to just answer a question and leave it at that. He wants you to question the question while also questioning any answer that is given. A great saying that I’ve gotten from Philosophy so far is from Robert Schuller, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” In my opinion, a great saying that can be used for not only school and class, but for life.

If you are a student, I really hope none of your of classes are “Voldemort” like. I also hope that you all love your classes, and enjoy every minute of them. It’s so much easier to learn when you’re enjoying what you are learning. Thank you for reading!


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