Sad news; Spring Break is over.

By: Ruben C. 

For us here at Manor, our Spring Break began Monday, February 29th and ended on Monday, March 7th. We had a week off, which I guess is the usual time off for spring break. The only thing that was different is that a lot of other schools, especially the ones my friends go to, were not on Spring Break. So that stinks. If you are reading this during the week of March 7th or even after that, then you’re reading it while I’m back in school, and while my friends are probably on Spring Break.KeepCalmStayMotivated

Nevertheless, coming back from Spring Break can be tough. Some of us use it as a time to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix, while others go away to places like Miami, and party (responsibly of course). Either way getting back into the groove of school is very important. We’ve finally reached the final stretch of this semester so staying motivated after coming back from Spring Break is essential. Here are some of my tips to help motivate you after Spring Break:

1. Take some time to examine your performance so far this semester. Take a look at your finished tests, quizzes, papers and projects to help you understand how to adjust your study for better performance.

2. Get into the habit of reviewing your calendar. Anytime on a Sunday, review some of your syllabi and your calendar to check for any deadlines coming up or exams and papers that will be due soon.

3. Prioritize your assignments. If you know that a major project is due very soon, plan your time effectively and efficiently. Try separating some of your large assignments into manageable parts and hold yourself accountable to finish them in a timely manner.

4. Find different places to study. What’s great about this part of the semester is that the weather is changing, and hopefully getting warmer. Try finding somewhere outside to study that’s free from distractions. Maybe find a peaceful park with tons of shade, where you can study in tranquility.

5. Study with classmates. Notice I didn’t say friends. Friends aren’t the worst people to study with, but sometimes you should get away from those people that you are always with and study with some new faces. Doing this will allow you to get a new perspective on whatever you’re studying. Working with those classmates can get you back on track to refocus on what is important and holds you accountable.

These are just some ways you can stay motivated after Spring Break. There are a lot of different ways out there. You just have to find the right one or two that fit you best. As long as you’re motivated and prepared, success should be right around the corner. 




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