6 Tips for Balancing Work and School

By: Chanel Deloatch

Trying to balance working (part or full time) and going to college may seem impossible. With the right mindset, support, and motivation, anything is possible. Here are a few tips that I find help me the most, and hopefully you’ll find a few to be useful to you as well.

1. Support System– Your support system is there to build you back up when life knocks you down. It could be fellow classmates, coworkers, family, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. They’ll always be in your corner, keeping you motivated and your mindset positive.

2. Ask yourself- Before sitting down with your employer, you should know for sure what needs to be done to keep you financially stable, yet also make you most successful. Will it be more important to work more hours to pay for school? Or will you be able to work weekends and focus more on your education? Which classes are more challenging, or require more attention? Plan ahead for these things, so that you are more mentally prepared and have less anxiety.

3. Sit down with Your Employer- Express to your boss that you are in college, and let him/her know what is more important. Most jobs are willing to work around the schedules of college students. Make sure your manager is aware of everything, and give them a physical copy of your schedule. Request time off accordingly, and for as far ahead as you can. If the semester is just starting, work off the dates on your syllabus. This will reduce the chance of conflict in your schedule, and neither you nor your boss will have to worry about last minute requests.

4. Stay Organized! – I cannot stress this tip enough! Being organized makes life in general easier. Once you’ve sat down with your employer, you should pretty much have all your important dates. Invest in a planner or dry erase calendar. (You could even use your smartphone!) By keeping all your activities, your work and school schedule and appointments filled in, you will never miss a beat. This will also help you easily identify the free time you have in between. You will definitely need the rest!

5. Study Frequently & Stay on Top of Assignments- The biggest mistake you can make in college is procrastinating. Preparation is key. Start studying ASAP- this way you never fall behind and you know the material like the back of your hand. Don’t let work become an excuse! Bring your school to work, if possible. Look over your notes on your break, or study flashcards while you’re on the bus. Every bit of effort you put in will show!

6. Be Thankful! – There are only 24 hours in a day, so don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get everything done. But be grateful! Getting an education and having a job is an opportunity that many people do not have. Keep your long term goals in mind when you feel like giving up. Stay motivated by celebrating ALL achievements, even if you only brought your D up to a C. Be proud of yourself, EVERY improvement is important.
These are my tips on how to deal with working and going to school. Thank you for reading, I hope you find some (or all) of these helpful!

5 Tips for a Successful Midterm Week

Well, it’s here- that week we often dread. Midterm Week often has a negative connotation- one that is associated with sleepless nights, lots of junk food, and endless studying. This doesn’t have to be you this year! While it’s inevitable that you will have to push yourself a little harder this week and stay up later than usual, if you follow these tips, your midterm week will be a success!

  1. Plan Your Schedule 

Since Midterm Week can be hectic, making a to-do list/schedule at the start of the week is essential to eliminating stress. When it comes to schedules, the more specific you can be, the better. Include each exam you have and also be sure to fit in time where you can study for your next tests. Creating time in your schedule for other activities like exercising is also beneficial. Sometimes even writing the list itself helps to calm down midterm nerves!

  1. Get Your Sleep 

We all know sleep is important, but during Midterm Week, it’s even more vital. All-nighters are usually synonymous with midterm week but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you plan ahead and study early on, you won’t have to cram and stay up until 4am. A good night’s sleep will leave you refreshed and energized; you’ll be ready to ace those midterms!

  1. Eat Well 

When we think of stressful times, usually junk food is involved somehow. It’s almost as if our brains are wired to reach for the chips and candy the moment we realize we’re slightly overwhelmed. It’s possible to break that cycle! I don’t mean you have to only eat vegan and organic food all week. Rather, choosing some healthy foods is a good way to get fueled up and prepared to take your tests.

  1. Take Breaks

Don’t keep working hour by hour and forget about stopping to relax. It’s important to find a balance. For example, if you study for an hour straight through, give yourself a 15-minute break. This will make the time you spend doing work more effective!

  1. Reward Yourself 

At the end of Midterm Week, treat yourself! Your reward could be anything from indulging in your favorite treat or watching that movie you’ve queued on Netflix! At the end of midterm week you deserve it!

If you follow these tips your midterm week is sure to be less stressful!

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Open House

Are you interested in Manor College? Yes? Awesome.  Are you attending Manor College’s Open House on Saturday, October 29th? No?


Please don’t play yourself. If DJ Khaled isn’t enough motivation to get you to register for Open House then I have 10 great reasons why you should attend Manors Open House.

  1. Meet with our awesome staff and faculty. Our 9:1 student/faculty ratio makes it easier for you to become closely attached to our professors and faculty.
  2. Use our Fire Emoji (Apple/iOS Version) Snapchat Geofilter! By the way, add us on Snapcsnapcodehat!
  3. It’s an easy way to meet future classmates and future friends. You might meet your “bestie for lifey” here at our Open House. You’ll never know if you don’t come.
  4. You can get a tour of our beautiful campus from our very own Student Ambassadors.
  5. Learn about our great academic programs. We have over 35 academic programs! Come find out which one is best for you to get your education on.
  6. Enjoy a delicious FREE lunch. Who doesn’t love free lunch?
  7. The President will be here. No, not Obama. Someone way cooler- President Peri. How many times have you had a chance to meet the President of a college? Come to Manors Open House and @PrezPeri will be here.img_6329
  8. Take a selfie with our very own Blue Jay mascot. When it comes to selfies, our Blue Jay is a pro!
  9. Money talks. If you have specific questions about your financial aid package, we’ll have financial aid counselors here to answer them.
  10. Get comfortable. Open House is a great way to learn why Manor is a great fit for you!

There are so many more reasons why you should come to Manor College’s Open House, but instead of reading the many reasons I write, you should be registering for the Open House right now!

Register here!