5 Things to do on a Snow Day for College Students

By: Deborah Turner

Like many students of all grades and schools, we look forward to school being closed for a snow day. We anticipate the winter coming and we dream of class being cancelled due to a snow storm or blizzard. We bask in the glory of not having to get up and go to class, or hitting that snooze button on our phones or alarm clocks. There isn’t any hustle and bustle of getting to class, and some professors even delay assignments because of it. Snow days are like a day off from work without having to call out! Now that we’re older, living in school dorms, or commuting—what is there to do on a SNOW DAY? Here’s a list of five things that I put together to do on a snow day in college.

  1. Study- I know, I know. This is the last thing that you’d want to do on your glorious snow day. However, taking at least an hour of your day to study a little more for that exam could benefit you even more. Besides, let’s be honest- many of us are in and out of classes all day and involved in extracurricular activities, so we sometimes struggle to find the time to really study for a certain class or exam.
  2. Spend time with family- If you are a commuter, this is for you. Now your family will be able to see more of you and spend time with you. I know at my house, with my brother and I being full-time students and my Mom being at work a lot, we rarely see each other and get to spend time due to our busy schedules.
  3. Read- Reading is therapeutic and relaxing for many. With a snow day, you now have the time to read a book you may have been wanting to read for a while, but hadn’t had the time due to your busy schedule.
  4. Play games- Now’s the time to pull out those board games, cards, or play Charades! Get together with your friends and make new friends by coming together and having a good time playing a game with one another.
  5. Snowball fight- Now, this wouldn’t be a list of things to do on a snow day if having a snowball fight wasn’t listed! Finally, go out with your friends and have a good ole’ snowball fight!

I hope that you all enjoy my tips on what to do on a Snow Day and good luck this semester!