10 Reasons to Live on Campus

College in general has it’s perks, and living on campus plays a huge part in that.  Choosing to live on campus has many benefits and we’ve outlined some for you here.  

1. Less time in your car  


Rushing back and forth to campus can be really stressful.  Living on campus eliminates that stress entirely.  Since you won’t be spending time in your car you can spend time doing the things that really need to get done!

2. More time to sleep in 


This is probably the best reason.  Sleep is always important but in college a new found  appreciation for catching those Z’s forms. If you live on campus you can spend even more time sleeping in because you won’t have to rush to get ready and make the commute to campus! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

3. More time to study 


Studying is one of the most important aspects of college.  Living on campus can impact your studying habits positively. If you don’t have to head home after classes, you can get started on your studying sooner and focus on what needs to get done.

4. Form close friendships


College is a great opportunity to branch out and make new friends. Living on campus can amplify that experience. When you live on campus you spend time with different types of people and doing so leads to close bonds!  Those familiar faces down the hall can become your close friends!

5. Gain independence  

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Leaving home and moving into your dorm can be challenging at times, but it’s also a great time to gain some independence.  You’ll learn how to really live on your own and take care of yourself- important life skills!

6. Closer to campus events 

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Many events on campus happen at night.  If you commute it may be harder to attend them.  Living on campus allows you to attend the events you want to! You won’t have to miss out because you have to drive home.

7. Having a place to crash after a long day


We’ve all been there. Long days happen and sometimes all we want is our bed.  If you have a rough day and live on campus all you have to do is walk across campus and you’re in your dorm!

8. Dining plans 


Dining options are another benefit of living on campus.  With the flexibility that the cafeteria provides, you have great options to choose from! Healthy options are always available as well!

9. Once in a lifetime opportunity

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How many times in your life will you be able to live with your friends in a setting like this? Only once! Living on campus allows you to experience college to the fullest and take advantage of what should be 4 of the best years of your life!

A+ grade written on a test paper.

10. Better grades? 

According to University of Maryland, on campus students have a 22% higher graduation rate than students who lived off campus.  Like we mentioned above, you’ll have more time to study living on campus since you won’t have to deal with a commute back and forth.

We hope you enjoyed these reasons on why you should live on campus! If you’re interested in living at Manor, contact Residence Life at reslife@manor.edu!

The Benefits of Being a Sophomore

With the semester coming to a close, you’re likely thinking about what next year has in store for you. If you’re finishing your freshman year at Manor, these are some reasons you’ll love being a sophomore next year:

1. Graduation: This is the biggest and most exciting perk of being a sophomore. You’ve finished freshman year, and know that you only have two short semesters standing between you and graduation! In other words, you’re halfway to your associate’s degree!

Imagine this: There are two students at a four-year school, and one already has an associate’s degree and one doesn’t. If both of these students need to drop out of college during their junior year, the student with an associate’s degree will be better off because he’ll still have a degree.

2. Opportunities: By your sophomore year, you’ve settled into campus life, and the chances you’ll acquire a leadership position are extremely high (if you want one)! If you held a position as a freshman, you can easily be a club president as a sophomore!

Being a campus leader offers the following benefits:

  • Immerse yourself in campus life: By holding a leadership position, you’ll be “in-the-know” on campus, and fall in love with campus activities.
  • Amazing resume booster: Holding a leadership position strengthens your resume, both for jobs and college applications!
  • Be known: When you’re active on campus, faculty and staff members will know who you are (even if you aren’t sure who they are), and they’ll recommend you for awards, scholarships, college applications, and jobs!

3. Established: After spending a year on campus, you know where your classrooms are, professors know your name, and your commute to Manor (even if it’s just across campus), is second nature. Now that you don’t need to worry about finding your way around campus, you can focus on more important things (like guiding incoming freshmen around campus or joining and leading campus organizations).

4. Friendships: You’ve made friends during your freshman year, and sophomore year gives you the opportunity to spend another year with them; take advantage of this while you can, because time flies by, and you’ll all be graduating before you know it!

5. Journey to Success: Since you’ve already applied as a freshman, the hard part is over! It’s easy to stay at Manor for another year and get that associate’s degree! As a sophomore, take advantage of Manor’s transfer and career counseling. Our transfer counseling will help you seamlessly transfer to a four-year institution, and our career counseling center will set you up for success in the job market by critiquing your resume and interview skills, and aid you in choosing a career path.

6. Additional Scholarships!: Manor students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance may be eligible for a scholarship in their sophomore year; a student is considered a sophomore when they complete 29 credits. The Basilian Scholarship has been one of Manor’s oldest scholarship programs and students who have a 3.25 GPA can receive up to $1,000 in their sophomore year.

7. Sophomore Federal Loans: Did you know that sophomores are eligible for an additional $1,000 in Federal Stafford loans? This can help in many areas from living on campus, making textbooks more affordable as well as covering the costs of Summer classes. Combined with potential grants and scholarships the additional funding can help ease the burden of affording tuition and achieving your goal of graduation in the fastest way possible.

8. Academic Support: Manor’s there for you every step of the way, and sophomore year is no different. Whether you stay after class with a teacher, stop by their office, or go to the Learning Commons, there’s someone to support you whenever you need it.

9. Ease of Transfer: Our University Center and articulation agreements with area institutions offer additional transfer benefits for graduates.

10. Ideal Class Schedule: As a sophomore, you can register for your classes before registration opens for freshmen, giving you first dibs on classes! This allows you to set up a class schedule around your other obligations.

You only have two short years at Manor, and that time will fly by! Take advantage of the opportunities that sophomore year offers you; you’ll only have good experiences from here on out!