10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Taking the Bus

Catching the bus or a train for many has its benefits and for many people, it’s less hassle and stress, so here I have outlined 10 reasons why I enjoy taking the bus.

pic 11. It’s accessible. The bus for the most part is accessible and easy to travel by; for myself, I commute to school every day from the Greater Northeast section of Philadelphia. sightseeing2. Sightseeing. By catching the bus to campus daily, I get to see various parts of the city that I’d normally wouldn’t pay attention to while driving or getting a ride  image 3 for blog      3. Cost-Friendly.  By opting to catch the bus, it allows me to save money to do other things. For many, it’s a struggle to keep up with car payments, gas, and maintenance.  So, by me catching the bus, it allows me to save up for other things.        walking blog image 4             4. Getting Fit. With me being a full-time student, sometimes it’s hard for me to find the time to go to the gym due to me always being on campus and in classes, so every morning I walk to class

sitting on bus image 55. Commuting by bus relieves stress. Every time I travel to school, it allows me some time to study or think as I map out what I need to get done for the day.

people on bus image 66.  You never know who you’ll meet. While traveling by bus,  I am able to meet so many different people from all walks of life and I have met many people to network with.

Sense of Independence7. It gives you a sense of independence.  While riding the bus, you have to know how to travel and it’s in that moment that you learn how to navigate wherever you are.  If you get lost, there is always someone you can ask for help with directions.

traveling in groups image 88. You can travel in groups. Sometimes the bus comes in handy for groups of people. For example, I went to Beyonce’s Formation World Tour, and my friends and I chose to take the bus instead of driving to avoid the traffic we would have faced getting there.

Front Door Blog image 99. Door- to-Door Service. Every day that I travel on the bus when it’s time for me to go home, I am dropped off right at my door so I can get home and get to studying!

planner blog image 1010. Strengthens my planning skills.  The bus helps me plan effectively and make sure I plan ahead to ensure I get to what I need to be on time.

I hope that you all enjoy my 10 reasons why I enjoy taking the bus and hope that you get out and sightsee too!


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