Meet President Peri

Hear what President Peri majored in college and how it led him to Manor!

Life in New York

This past semester I had the great privilege to sit down with President Peri and talk to him about his life as a college student. What his dreams were, what his major (or majors he tried) were and how his path led him here to Manor College.

Hailing from Long Island, New York, as a young child, President Peri had grand dreams of becoming a (the fastest) race car driver and says that he spent much time on the

President Peri with go-kart racing trophies

President Peri (left) with his father (right) pose in front of their go-kart racing trophies.

weekends with his father go-karting and participating in races in NY (you should ask him to see some of his trophies)!  

By the time President Peri was 18-years-old, he realized that his dream of being a racecar driver was a bit unrealistic – due to needing funding and sponsors. Villanova University visited President Peri’s high school and while a young President Peri was chatting with the Villanova representatives, he thought that this was a sign from God and “divine providence” that he should attend Villanova University.

Did you know? President Peri loves music and listens to all types of music, everything from classical to hip-hop.

President Peri Heads to Villanova

As a freshman student at Villanova, President Peri started off as a Liberal Arts major then changed to an Engineering major and then had “a change of heart” due to taking Major World Religions, taught by Professor Paul Moijes that President Peri considered to be “life-changing,” and from that moment, he became a Theology major.

Did you know? When President Peri when was inaugurated as President last April, Professor Paul Moijes was in attendance.

On campus – President Peri was involved in the Pre-Law Society, the Solar Car Team and joined a social fraternity, which he considered “good and bad.” Good because he gained lots of friends with whom are his friends to this day, and bad because it took some time away from his studies, which led to impact on his grades.

President Peri’s fondest moments of his college experience at Villanova were the relationships that he formed with everyone from classmates to his relationship with the current Villanova President, Father Peter Donohue. Father Peter at the time was a theater professor, and although President Peri never took a theater course, Father Peter was around campus and very “ministerial in his approach,” and built a great friendship and became a mentor for President Peri.  When President Peri was considering taking the presidency at Manor, he sought guidance from Father Peter.

Upon graduation from Villanova, President Peri, started attending Law School at Widener University, while interning for a judge at a criminal court in New York.  Currently, President Peri is a student at Eastern University, studying to obtain a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership.

Did you know?  President Peri is a licensed lawyer in Pennsylvania, New York, Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania, and the Supreme Courts of the United States.

Marriage, Family, Foster Care & Faith

Looking reflectively, President Peri recalls many distinctive moments in his life, one being when his wife, Kristin, was a Public Defender in Philadelphia and how “she could see the best in people no matter who they are. She represented those who had troubling lives or took a wrong turn in life and made it her mission to try and get them on the right path.”

One aspect of life that is very close to the Peri’s family heart is foster care. President Peri shared with me the importance of foster care and adopting children, which is giving children the love and tools they need to be successful adults who know that they have a solid foundation built on love. This really hit home for me because I, myself grew up in foster care and know firsthand what the harsh realities are for a child in the system. Four years ago, President Peri and his wife adopted their son, Bruno, who President Peri says is “incredible and such a loving part of our family.”

In my opinion and after spending a good 90 minutes with President Peri, I have learned so much.  President Peri is truly a leader that many should strive to be. He is compassionate, empathic, smart, loving and most of all – he loves Christ and carries the love that Christ says we should have for one another.

President Peri is frequently seen around campus talking with students.

As someone who will be walking across the stage to receive my diploma later this month –  I am fortunate enough to had been given the opportunity to interview such a wonderful leader and it is my hope that he continues to lead Manor College in the direction in which God has chosen.