Why Going to College in the Suburbs is Awesome!

Not sure whether or not to go to school in the suburbs? Are you wondering what the suburbs offer students? We can help; here are 7 reasons why we love our suburban college campus!

Scenic views:


In the city, practically everything is pavement; this isn’t true in the suburbs. Enjoy lush green grass and strong trees on Manor’s campus. Take a minute to sit in the grass under a tree; we promise you won’t regret it!


Sister Francis

The road out front of our campus isn’t busy, so you’ll rarely (if ever) hear cars honking, tires skidding, or people yelling. This makes campus the perfect place to unwind and relax.



The suburbs tend to be safer than cities. On top of this, Manor College was given an A+ for safety this past January; college campuses don’t get much safer than that!



If you drive to campus, the ride to a suburban campus is much more bearable than a drive to an urban campus. Cities are known for having crowded roads and rushed drivers. Depending on your commute to Manor, there will be significantly fewer people on the roads on your way to Manor than if you had to drive in the city.


When we say nature we don’t mean little birds eating the scraps of food you leave behind. We mean fawns, baby birds, and butterflies. Spend some time on campus, and you’re bound to run into some animals starting life on their own.

Campus barn:


The suburbs give us space for our very own barn, right next door. Whether you’re a Vet Tech student, love horses, or just want to take a walk, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to say “hello” to our horses!

Alverthorpe Park:

Our campus is next door to Alverthorpe Park, a beautiful park with paved trails, a pond (complete with a fountain!), picnic tables, tennis and basketball courts, a playground for kids, and more! Normally, only Abington residents can take advantage of their offerings, but your Manor ID will give you access! The large, shady trees make the park the perfect place for a walk or jog, even on a hot day.

Our lush, safe, suburban campus is the perfect place to hangout, relax, or study. If you want to see our campus yourself, schedule a campus visit!