Manor’s Influence: An Alumni Story

When I entered Manor College to study psychology, I had no idea that in a very short time I would find a second home. Manor is a wonderful, warm community where you can find your place and yourself. The school provided opportunities not only to study with knowledgeable and extremely helpful professors, but also activities and experiences with people who helped me grow as a person.  17688855625_aecf9367f8_oReceiving an education at Manor College gave me an opportunity to grow and improve my capabilities, which paved the way for my future studies. Graduating with an associate degree in Psychology from Manor College, transferring to Holy Family to pursue my Bachelor Degree, and now studying at College of Staten Island (CUNY) as I work toward a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I am extremely humbled and eager to continue on with my education. Because of Clinical Mental Health Counseling’s recent introduction to New York State, I feel extremely fortuitous being able to attend a New York school, which instituted a new cutting edge program in this field. CUNY is among the first leading schools offering such a dynamic, forefront curriculum which, as of now, is rarely offered in New York.

The process of transferring from Manor College was an emotional challenge; leaving the community I loved, even as I was pursuing my passion, was bittersweet. However, Manor equipped me with tools to surpass my comfort zone, leave where I felt most comfortable, and use the experiences of my two years as a support for new ventures. The experience of the warm, welcoming and jubilant atmosphere of Manor College became my foundation for making an adjustment to a new college community. I felt strengthened by the support and spirit I had experienced at Manor, and was soon able to find my way on my own.  

The Manor professors’ exuberant attitudes and passion for their life’s work were the foundation that helped me excel in the classroom. Their continuous help and encouragement enabled  students to find and develop the ability to accomplish their scholarly tasks and understand the subject at hand.  18425399_1681809461833198_3560221200651121028_n

I am extremely fortunate to have started my college education at Manor College. My aspiration is to become a licensed Psychologist, working with a hospital and in a private practice. With continuous encouragement from Manor College’s community, even after having already graduated, my dream can truly become a reality. I am privileged for having been able to attend the small, Ukrainian Catholic college that suited my character, helped me develop unknown strengths, and reflects the values with which I live. My wonderful two years at Manor College provided the foundation for all subsequent paths.

– Vera Penkalskyj