Manor College Summer Camps = Endless Summer Fun!

Classes are out, the sun is shining and kids are looking for some fun this summer! Manor College is offering a variety of camps for kids of all ages! Whether your child loves putting their creativity to work by making movies or crafting magical positions, we have a summer camp for them!   Listed below are 5 reasons you should sign your kiddo up for a Summer Camp at Manor College! 
1.) Fun.  Your child will have a blast this summer.  Games and learning are intertwined in these summer camps so your child will learn while being entertained!

2.) Safe.  Our camp instructors ensure the safety of all campers at all times.  We have a nurse available during summer camps as well, for additional safety. Manor College was rated #1 for Safest College Campus in Pennsylvania.

3.) Educational. Each camp has elements of learning included in them and your child will having fun while learning new things each day!

4.) They’ll stay active.  Your child will be active and definitely off their electronic devices during these summer camps (besides the Movie Maker and Computer Coding camps, of course)!  With several camps that have outdoor activities, your child will get plenty of vitamin D!

5.) Friendships.  Summer camps are the perfect opportunity for kids to form friendships!  Manor’s summer camps are sure to create friendships and memories!

Please visit to learn more about our camp offerings!

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