Advice to Freshmen by William Rodebaugh

Dear Freshmen,

My name is William Rodebaugh.  At Manor College, I go by Will.   I am a Sophomore. I thought I would take this time to offer you advice as you go into your first year at Manor College.  The goal of this post is to give my experience of how I got through my freshman year. I hope you find it helpful!

Stay Diligent

Staying on top of everything is something that might come as a challenge, but can be done. In my opinion, the work is manageable, but you just have to make sure you do it.  Also, I remember during my first year, I still had time left over for extracurricular activities. For example, my freelance writing job and reading.

Something that served me very well last year was choosing classes that were the earliest in the morning.  That way I had plenty of time to study and do the assignments. While that might not work for every required class, I encourage you to pick morning classes when you can.  

Get Involved

I enjoyed how much I could write while a freshman at Manor.  Many of my courses required that I write a lot of papers. One of my favorites was at the end of the first semester where I had to write a “Last Lecture”. I enjoyed it because I got to tell my story and share all my strengths and weaknesses. Also, aside from classes, I entered a contest in the first semester where for Halloween I wrote my own version of a scary story. With all that being said a piece of advice I have is to use your skills and gifts to help you through your freshmen semesters.  Get involved in campus activities! It’s a great way to meet people!

Something I really enjoy about this college is how interactive it is. I enjoy the small class sizes; it makes it easier to give input on the class and share ideas. Also, it made it convenient to engage in conversations with others. I encourage all of you to engage with the class and meet someone new as well.

Stay Positive

One more thing I would recommend is to never be stressed. The first couple of weeks I got stressed often, but I felt my anxiety level really got better as the year went on.  I encourage you to take every moment as it comes. When an exam or assignment comes, take your time and tell yourself that you can do it. I hope you have a wonderful first semester at Manor College!


William Rodebaugh