Get to Know the Manor Basileiad Library

Everyone knows the library – even if they don’t know how to spell it! – but how well do you really know the library?

The Manor College Basileiad library was formed in 1968. Before that, it was located in a building right next to where it is now. It was called the Thomas More library. The library serves many different purposes. Students are able to check out books, do schoolwork, and study for upcoming exams. They can also hang out with fellow students and engage in conversations. Here’s a few things you should know about the library and what they have to offer as well as the upcoming events.

Second Annual Edible Book Contest

One fun event that is upcoming at Manor is the second annual edible book contest. This will take place On Friday, April 5. This is something that any students, professors, or staff and faculty members can enter. The purpose is to recreate an aspect of a piece of literature. This could be a book cover, plot, character, or even the title of the book. The book that the piece was inspired by would need to be either brought from home or borrowed from the library. Also, more than one entry can be brought by the contenders!

Poetry Contest

Another fun upcoming event will be the poetry contest. Any Manor student can enter this contest. The last day of acceptance is Monday, April 29. This poetry will be judged on how original and creative it is, along with its artistic quality. Contestants can submit up to two original pieces of work. It should be noted that when submitted, Manor College can publish these poems on the website and places around the campus. The first place winner will be announced on Wednesday May 1 and will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. In the entry, no curse words or anything vulgar should be included. This event is to celebrate National Poetry Month. A similar contest was held on Valentine’s Day.

Flash Fiction Story Contest

A past annual event on Campus was the annual “Flash Fiction Story Contest.” This is an opportunity for students who enjoy creative writing to create their own stories for the Halloween season. Students are also invited to reflect on their experiences. Any Manor student would be eligible to enter to write an original story. This would have to be scary but not include anything vulgar or include curse words in the respect of a general audience. We hope to see this event again!

The Website is Useful for Our Courses

The Basileiad website is filled with resources to help students with homework and other projects. For example, there are plenty of sources available for those taking the Philosophy course. The sources are divided into categories like christianity, existentialism, and an introduction to what philosophy is and why it should be studied. On these pages you can find videos as well as links to articles. One video on this page is a brief introduction to philosophy by a professor from a CUNY college. Also, there is a website from the American Philosophical Association that gives a quick guide about Philosophy to undergrads, and a tab filled with podcasts and videos on philosophy. There are links for “Youtube” channels like one on “Wireless Philosophy, and a list of general philosophy links. For example, there is one called “Philosophize This!” This one is all about covering philosophers and the ideas they have in chronological order.

The Basileiad library is a place for books, studying, and participating in events such as those listed above – among other things. What do you love the library? Let us know in the comments!

By marketing intern William F. Rodebaugh III

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