Sweet Emotions

By: Jenna-Kim L

Who could have ever guessed that two years could fly past me so quickly? It seems like just yesterday it was September 2nd, 2014- my first day at Manor College. I had never been so nervous in my life, switching from my lifetime of homeschooling, to the new and mysterious world of college life. Since then, I’ve experienced two years of wonderful education, I made some lifelong friends, and I learned so much about myself and the world around me.

In the beginning, I was incredibly nervous, but I adjusted so quickly thanks to the help of many wonderful people at Manor College. One person in particular who helped me right off the bat was my WONDERFUL adviser and professor, Professor Diane Pevar.
Professor Pevar was my saving grace during my time at school, guiding me and giving me the best advice possible. She is the one who made me feel comfortable at school from the very beginning. I owe much of my academic success to her during my time at Manor, and I appreciate every little thing she has done for me over the past two years. I will definitely not lose contact with her, as she has definitely become a very important mentor and guidance in my life!
DSC_0085I learned so much academically at Manor, but I also learned a lot about myself and I had so many chances to better my communication and leadership skills, especially through the clubs I was involved in, such as Student Senate and Campus Activity Board.


Anna Lobely, Nicole Suwala, and me (CAB members), and Professor Smalarz, a happy dunk tank volunteer!


Our wonderful Student Senate!

These groups have definitely helped me form lifelong bonds with some fantastic people who I am happy to call some of my best friends. Senate has done so much to help improve things across campus, and CAB has had the opportunity to develop some of the greatest events of Manor College history (including our first annual Blue Jay Ball, of course)! Joining clubs was one of the best things I managed to do during my time at Manor. I learned how to become a better leader, how to communicate my ideas better, and how to best work with others in a collaborative group. Plus, as I said before, I have made some of my best friends through the help of these clubs.

With many of the clubs I was part of, we had the best club adviser anyone could hope for, Allison Mootz, the shining light of the Manor College student activities. She has been the one to keep us on track during all of our meetings and events with CAB and Senate. I have mentioned her before and I will continue to praise the work of Ali, as she does SO much for all Manor students. She has been such a wonderful person in my life and she is always willing to help anyone who ever needs her, and that’s why I love her so much! She has a heart of pure gold! With Ali’s help, I learned how to be patient and how to always keep a cool head in every situation. I have also learned how to be the best I can be, and always contribute and give back to those who gave to me.


Ali, Julianne Kostic, and me!


All the student leaders and the awards we won!

As I mentioned, I also made a lot of friends through my time at Manor. You might have noticed a certain Julianne Kostic in a lot of my photos, much thanks to the fact that she was one of the first people I met at Manor. She is the one who first told me to join so many clubs with her, and I am ever grateful for her and her pushing me to be more social. I made so many wonderful friends through clubs and classes at Manor. I know all the friends I have made will always have my back. We have shared a lot of laughs and so many good times together. All of the people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have made some kind of impact on my life. I’ve learned what a good friend is and how to be one myself. I’ve come out of my shell a lot thanks to these guys at Manor, and I cherish each and every one of them. I will remember them forever and always and hold them all in my heart as we part ways- even though I know we’ll all have one big Manor reunion one day!


Phi Theta Kappa Induction!


CAB squad at the Blue Jay Ball!


The wondrous Valentine’s Day Photo Booth


Sometimes, Manor even helps you find love!







The biggest thing I’ve learned? There’s still more to learn! The world has so much to offer us, and this was the first, big step into our futures. The whole world is there ahead of us, with so many opportunities all thanks to Manor. We are a student body who has been educated and prepared for whatever we want to go and pursue. We have made connections, friends, and impacts which will continue on wherever we go one day. Thanks to Manor, we will always know where we came from. Manor is an unforgettable school that  has given us the boost we need to move forward. Manor College has been one giant support system for me. I’ve learned lifelong skills that will help me through whatever I want to do next. I will always remember everyone I knew at Manor and all that they have done for me. I will never lose contact with all the people here who have done so much for me. I may be moving on and graduating in life, but I guarantee that Manor will be part of me for as long as I live. I am a Blue Jay for life!


We Made It!

Masquerade! Paper Faces on Parade!

By: Jenna-Kim L. 

Masquerade! Stop and stare at the sea of smiles around you!

Hello once again! As you might have noticed, I’ve started out with a musical number (from my favorite musical, The Phantom of the Opera). If you’re wondering why, it’s because I have some exciting news! 12828987_10154006467340701_395291607324519669_o

You’ve probably heard all about it already, but in case you haven’t, Manor College is hosting its first ever BLUE JAY BALL! You now might be wondering what on earth is this “blue jay ball” she’s going on about?

Well, this is Manor College’s first big dance which just so happens to be a masquerade theme (hence the big musical number)! We’re going to have food, dancing, live music, a DJ, and good times to be had with all of your friends. We’re even going to have an ice cream bar which makes it even sweeter! There will also be a Ball King and Queen crowned during the evening- crowns and everything! There will be a red carpet to walk, photos to take, and dancing to do, and it’s all happening on March 18th! That’s just a little over a week away, and the deadline to buy tickets is in on the 11th!! SO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this incredible event. It’s a great way to make memories, and maybe make some new friends too! It is a semi-formal dress code, so keep that in mind for picking out your outfit! Keep it classy, kids!

I mentioned before that we have live music along with a DJ, but did I mention I’m part of the band? That’s right! Little o’l me is playing in a band with some pretty top of the line musicians, including a Manor Alumni as well! We’ll be playing during the dinner hour, and it’s an act you won’t want to miss, so definitely be sure to get your tickets NOW!

And of course, much thanks has to go to our very own Campus Activity Board! A TON of thought, work, and effort has gone into this project. Extra thanks go to our CAB President, Zoeya Jouravska, and Vice President/Creative Director, Gavin Young. And extra love to our club adviser, Ali Mootz. Without Ali, we’d be absolutely lost!  We want to see everyone around to enjoy the fun and put to good use all the creativity that flowed into this project. I hope to see you guys buying tickets and I hope to see you all at the Ball!

Holiday Greetings and Reflections

By: Jenna- Kim L. 

As we all know, the semester is coming to an end. A few will be graduating by the end of this semester, while others will be transferring. We will all be headed home for the holidays for a well deserved break. But before we can do any of that, we must make it through finals!

Finals are exhausting, but I fully believe you can get through them all! Study hard, but don’t forget to take breaks. Don’t get overwhelmed, it’ll be over before you know it!


As our semester comes to an end, I’d like to reflect on all I’ve learned this year. Obviously, I have learned a lot academically, but there’s even more to it than that.
This being my first time living away from home, it takes a lot of adjustment. You have to learn how to better take care of yourself without your parents help. I’ve learned a great amount of new responsibility while being an Resident Assistant this past semester, and I have learned a great amount from my wonderful Resident Coordinator (RC), Liz. One of the biggest things I learned from Liz was the virtue of patience. There is obviously a lot of responsibility that she carried, having to oversee so many residents and activities. Her level of patience astounds me and I admire it for it.  She may have been my first and only RC, but she’s definitely my favorite.


We Love Liz!

I’ve also learned a lot about myself and who I am over this past semester. I had always thought myself to be more shy and reserved, and while I still am, I have learned to come out of my shell a lot. I have made some wonderful new friends, both commuters and residents. I’ve become more outgoing and willing to do more public speaking and get my voice out in the community. I’ve learned to speak up and become more confident in myself, much from the help and support of my friends and peers, who truly mean so much to me. Without my friends support, I don’t know what I’d do!









Another thing that’s helped to keep me grounded over this time is my family. My family means the world to me and being away from them for so long has been a really big adjustment. I miss them so much while I’m away.  I try and keep in contact with my family as best as I can to stay close to them, and I go home on the weekends whenever I have time. My family is my biggest source of support and love. I know they’ve always got my back, even through finals week!


My wonderful family Christmas photo from 2014!

And of course, Christmas is coming up fast, it’s less than two weeks away now! I am so excited to get home and be with my family and to get to relax a little bit. All I want this year for Christmas, is for my family and friends to be happy this holiday season, and to feel the love we all deserve. And I hope all of you receive all the joy and happiness in the world this holiday season.


As this semester closes, it’s always good to look back and reflect on all you’ve done. You have accomplished so much in just a couple of months, think of what you can accomplish in a lifetime! May your future be bright, and may your holiday season and your New Year be joyful and full of love and happiness. May God bless you all this beautiful time of year, and always. Until next semester, this is Jenna, signing off till 2016! Much love to you all, good luck on your finals, best wishes to family, and Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

To Infinity, and what Lies Beyond

Greetings once again!  I hope you’ve all been well since my last blog post, how did you do with your midterms? (Good – I hope!)Like a boss

For many of us sophomores, it’s nearing time to consider transferring to a new school, and for all you freshmen readers, it’s never too early to think about the future.

As we all know, we had our transfer fair here at Manor last week. Tons of college representatives came, and so many students came through and talked to everyone. It was a fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse at what schools I could possibly transfer to, which is very good, because the sooner you prepare to transfer the better!

There’s obviously a lot you have to think about when you’re transferring, such as, will my credits transfer? Will I like the school? What about scholarships?

Make sure take classes at Manor that are more likely to transfer over so you can bring al your Manor credits with you to your next school. Talk to your adviser about the classes you plan on taking to ensure you can get the most credits to carry over!

Attend the school’s tour and orientation to get a feel for the campus, faculty and staff, students, and the general atmosphere.  If you’re not comfortable around the people there, or get a weird vibe when you visit, then it’s probably not the best choice for you.

Always check for scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and when you see them, go for it! If there’s any kind of scholarship you can apply for (and you’re qualified) then apply! Don’t waste an opportunity to get financial help affording the future college of your dreams.

Of course – don’t forget to choose your major. Some programs, such as a nursing or veterinary programs, can take a while to get into, so like I said before, the sooner you prepare the better! Plus, early admission is always good; the sooner you apply, the sooner you know whether you’ve gotten in or not!

Be sure to talk to your adviser and the Manor’s transfer Coordinator (Chris Krewson – email her at ckrewson@manor.edu) about what colleges have the majors you’re looking for. Never be afraid to approach your adviser for help, that’s what they’re here for: to advise you! I know my adviser is always willing to help me out whenever I need her, and she’s given me great advice and recommendations as to where I should go on to next!
These are your dreams and your future choices. To reach your goals you have to work for them, but if you’re working towards a goal you are truly passionate about, you’ll get there in no time.

So sure, thinking about the future can be scary, but it’s something we all have to do. If you’ve been thinking about where you’re going to transfer to, let me know in the comments below!

May we all reach our goals, follow our hearts, and make our dreams come true.

Let The Fun Begin!

Hello once again all you blog readers! I hope all is going well in your daily lives and you’re enjoying life, and this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. Did anyone go see the Pope in Philadelphia over the weekend? If so, let me know all about your experiences and what it was like!

As we all know, classes are in full swing now, along with all extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. I am indeed already fully immersed in my classes this year. For the fall semester, I’m taking the following classes:

  • Introduction to Business with Professor Marc Minnick
  • History of Western Civilization with Professor George Tomezsko
  • Introduction to Microsoft Computer Applications with Professor Norma Hall
  • Philosophy and the Human Condition with Professor Anne Knop
  • Criminal Practice and Procedure (starting October 31st) with Professor J.D. Rice

Along with these great classes, clubs have started up as well. As we all know, Manor College has many FANTASTIC clubs including: C.A.B. (the Campus Activity Board), Student Senate, Rotaract, and even a Fashion Club! I myself am part of C.A.B., Student Senate, Legal Studies Students Association (L.S.S.A.), Alpha Beta Gama (honors society), and most recently, the latest addition, the new Martial Arts Club!

From left to right: Me, Julianne, Zoeya, and Jordan representing Student Senate and C.A.B. at the Get Acquainted Picnic!

From left to right: Me, Julie, Zoeya, and Jordan representing Student Senate and C.A.B. at the Get Acquainted Picnic!

C.A.B. is responsible for a great many of Manor’s super fun events, like the Valentine’s Day Photo Booth, and my personal favorite, the rollerskating party!

A great group of my friends from the Valentine's Day Photo Booth last year!

A great group of my friends from the Valentine’s Day Photo Booth last year, including one of my fellow blog writers, Julie!

Most recently, C.A.B. has started selling tickets for our annual Halloween trip! This year, we’re headed to Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls! Ticket prices will be $15 for Manor Students, and just $20 for any non-Manor student who you might want to bring along (transportation will be provided)! The trip will take place on October 22nd, departing right from Manor at 7:00 PM. The 22nd will be here before you know it, and the deadline for purchasing tickets is October 19th, so make sure you head to the Student Activities office in the Academic building, or if someone you know is a C.A.B. member, ask them for tickets. If you see me around, you can ask me as well! I really hope to see a great turnout on the 22nd, and I look forward to a fantastically terrifying trip! You can find out more about Terror Behind the Walls, and Eastern State Penitentiary, here: http://www.easternstate.org/halloween

If you’re interested in joining C.A.B. or Student Senate, be sure to swing by the Student Activities Office and talk to Ali Mootz to find out even more about all the clubs, and what’s involved. It’s always great to get involved around campus and to help out and give back! Plus, it can be a nice break between classes or studying to come to meetings and help plan great activities (especially if you join C.A.B.)!

I really hope to see some new students join in the fun with all these clubs, and I hope all of your classes are off to a fantastic start so far! This is Jenna, signing off until next time!

Oh – I’m really excited that Manor is selling these awesome Breast Cancer Awareness shirts this month too!  Check them out here and make sure you order yours!

The Summer of 4H

Hey everyone, I am Jenna! I’m a sophomore here at Manor College and for the first time, I’m living away from home and in the dorm! So if you’re in the dorm too, you might see me around, as I am also a Resident Assistant, or RA, within the dorm.

IMG_7282It’s all quite a transition, moving into school. I’m used to my little farm in central New Jersey, surrounded by all kinds of animals. Back home, my animals are my life. For a few years now I have been part of my county 4-H, which basically takes up most my summer months. I just graduated out, and now I’m working to become a junior leader within 4-H. I loved my 4-H family so much, I can’t just leave them behind, that’s for sure.

Early on this summer, around the 4th of July, I spent a weekend down at the shore with my sister, grandmother, and my brother-who came to visit from Virginia. It was the small bit of downtime we had together before the insanity of 4-H kicked in. It was an enjoyable, albeit short time together, with pleasant weather.

This is Eleanor and her mama Lucy! A pygora goat is a fiber goat, so they produce a soft, fluffy fiber, and often resemble sheep. But they are absolutely 100% goat.

This is Eleanor and her mama Lucy! A pygora goat is a fiber goat, so they produce a soft, fluffy fiber, and often resemble sheep. But they are absolutely 100% goat.

After Eleanor (the goat), Norah (also a goat) had her kids on June 26th. She had gorgeous twin does which we named after their mother, in a way.

After these love bugs, Grainne (another goat) had her kids, much to our surprise. We weren’t expecting her to kid for another few days, and then she had her kids before anyone was up, four days early on July 15th. She also had twins, though she had a buck and doe. At first we couldn’t tell the two apart, but later on, the buck, Pluto, turned a wonderful shade of chocolaty brown.  This made for all of our babies for the season! We then had a grand total of eleven goats on the property. This meant it was just about time to get ready for the Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural Fair. All fair photos can be found at the bottom of this blog post. The fair is six straight days of nonstop goat showing, and all around fun! There’s plenty of animals to see, rides to enjoy, and strange foods to eat (even alligator gumbo). By the time the fair came to its halt on August 23rd, it was time for me to start packing up to prepare to move into the dorms.

On August 30th I moved myself into the dorm with help from my sister and my dad. For the next week I was learning my way around my new RA position. It was all a new experience for me, and is sometime that I never would have expected to see myself doing. It’s an incredible opportunity for sure, though, I do miss my goats, and my mini horse, my cats, my rabbits, and my dog back home.

While I didn’t really do any traveling this summer, I had one of the best summers of my life so far. Now classes have started up, and club activities will start up soon as well. I’m excited for another year at Manor, and I am so happy to be able to document my experiences and share them with all you guys. Enjoy the fair photos below!

Little baby Norah'Easter, who we're keeping this year!

Little baby Norah’Easter, who we’re keeping this year.

Little boy, or buck, Pluto's Heart, or Pluto. A natural born screamer.

Little boy, or buck, Pluto’s Heart, or Pluto. A natural born screamer.

Pluto's darling sister, Supernova Sky, or as we call her Nova. She has a ducky on her tummy.

Pluto’s darling sister, Supernova Sky, or as we call her Nova. She has a ducky on her tummy.

Libby, the multicolored silky fainting goat!

Libby, the multicolored silky fainting goat!

Norah and I in senior showmanship at the New Jersey State Goat Show.

Norah and I in senior showmanship at the New Jersey State Goat Show.

Here is Norah and I taking fourth in senior showmanship at the County show.

Here is Norah and I taking fourth in senior showmanship at the County show.