Manor College Summer Camps = Endless Summer Fun!

Classes are out, the sun is shining and kids are looking for some fun this summer! Manor College is offering a variety of camps for kids of all ages! Whether your child loves putting their creativity to work by making movies or crafting magical positions, we have a summer camp for them!   Listed below are 5 reasons you should sign your kiddo up for a Summer Camp at Manor College! 
1.) Fun.  Your child will have a blast this summer.  Games and learning are intertwined in these summer camps so your child will learn while being entertained!

2.) Safe.  Our camp instructors ensure the safety of all campers at all times.  We have a nurse available during summer camps as well, for additional safety. Manor College was rated #1 for Safest College Campus in Pennsylvania.

3.) Educational. Each camp has elements of learning included in them and your child will having fun while learning new things each day!

4.) They’ll stay active.  Your child will be active and definitely off their electronic devices during these summer camps (besides the Movie Maker and Computer Coding camps, of course)!  With several camps that have outdoor activities, your child will get plenty of vitamin D!

5.) Friendships.  Summer camps are the perfect opportunity for kids to form friendships!  Manor’s summer camps are sure to create friendships and memories!

Happy kids waving rainbow parachute full of balls


Please visit to learn more about our camp offerings!

Three Reasons Why You Should Attend New Student Orientation

By: Marta Penkalskyj

Congrats! You have decided to attend Manor College! Now is a time of great excitement, and while you’re probably eager to see what lies ahead, you might be nervous to embark on this new journey. But let me tell you, that’s perfectly normal!

Some time before classes even began though, I attended New Student Orientation, where I made myself at home at Manor College. The people here realize that not only are you new to Manor, but Manor is new to you! Whether you’ve just finished high school, are transferring from another institution, or if you’re simply starting fresh, here are some reasons why attending New Student Orientation will benefit you:

1.) Meet New Students

Okay, this may seem like an obvious one, but it’s very helpful! At New Student Orientation, everyone is on the same boat. This day gives you the opportunity to meet someone new and expand your social circle. These are the people who you will be spending the next few years with, and building a relationship with other students will help you along your journey. One of the great aspects of Manor is it’s small size, which allows a sort of intimacy on campus. This means that you will most likely see these other students anywhere from studying in the library to enjoying a tasty meal in the cafeteria. You may even meet your new best friend at Orientation! It’s the perfect opportunity to make some friends or to even just put yourself out there.


2.) Meet your Department

At New Student Orientation, you will get a chance to break off with the rest of your major. That means you get to see others who will take the same courses as you, talk to your future professors, and get a small taste of the curriculum that lies ahead. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the excitement of this day, separating with your major will definitely put you at ease. The groups are smaller and the dialogue centers around your particular interests. This is a chance to get any questions that have been on your mind out of the way. Your department is eager to meet you and is happy to assist you in any way they can, so don’t be shy!


3.) Experience the Campus

Maybe you saw Manor’s campus before or even had a tour, but now is your chance to actually experience it. Discover how you can get involved beyond the walls of academia. Manor offers  an array of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for sports, clubs, or organizations, Manor has it all. Explore your own interests or try something new. Your limits are endless! Not only does New Student Orientation introduce you to your classmates, but it also gives you a chance to talk students who have belonged to the Manor community for some time. So don’t be scared to ask questions! Getting involved will help broaden your horizons, and will only add onto your college experience.

New Student Orientation is a great way to kick off your time at Manor. Before no time you’ll see that you truly do belong here. Come meet your classmates, get to know the college, oh, and most importantly, get to eat some delicious, free food! So come on in, have some fun, and make yourself at home!

37050130795_efaca08a5f_z (3)
Register for New Student Orientation, which will be on August 30, 2018, right here!

Fight the Flu: Tips and Tricks for how to stay safe during cold and flu season

Hey there, everyone. I hope everyone is having a good semester. Right now we are in the thick of Winter. It’s cold, a little snowy, and I really miss the sun. Anyway, since it’s the middle of Winter, we also know that it’s the middle of cold and flu season. We try our best to stay healthy, but it can be nearly impossible when we’re around so many people all day. What’s a student to do?

If you were around me at all last year, you’ll know that around this time I was sick for a while. Clearly, I know something about being sick. We all here the basic tips on being healthy. Drink fluids, rest, yadda yadda yadda. But what else can I do when I’m sick? Well, something that always helped me was psychosomatics. If I tell myself that I’m feeling better, than I start believing that I’m feeling better even if I’m not. Let me share with you some of my best tips for faking wellness:


  • Get Dressed. When you’re sick, you’ll want nothing but to stay in your pajamas. However, if you get out of bed and put clothes on, you’ll feel a little more like a regular person and you may feel encouraged to move around a little more. That brings us to my second point. 37371903906_1204c89085_b
  • Move. It’s hard. Believe me, I know it’s hard, but you need to move. Even if you just walk around your house a little, it’s something. Some movement will freshen your surroundings and brighten your mood.9052-close-up-of-feet-walking-on-a-road-pv
  • Put on Some Make Up.. Dab some concealer on your nose and eyelids; or maybe put foundation on your face. Do something that will cover up the redness and hide the sick face. Look in the mirror after you’ve done this. You’ll look a lot healthier and it’ll make you feel much
  • Wash your Hands. This easy tip can sometimes be forgotten.  Always remember to wash your hands multiple times a day, especially during cold and flu season.  If you don’t have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer is another great way to stay clean.   download (1)


  1. Eat Well.  Our bodies need nourishment, especially when we are sick.  If you are feeling under the weather, eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a great idea.  Also, it might be cliche, but homemade chicken noodle soup is one of the best things for you when you’re sick! Check out this recipe right here15621988590_bc65d978da_b

So, there you have it. I hope they help you. I should mention though that there is one fool-proof way that you can help yourself feel better. Don’t get sick in the first place 😉 *

*If your cold/illness persists, please seek care from a medical professional.


Are you interested in Manor College? Yes? Awesome.  Are you attending Manor College’s Open House on Saturday, February 24? We sure hope so!



There are SO many reasons you should attend our open house.  We’ve outlined 10 reasons right here.

  1. Meet with our awesome staff and faculty. Our 12:1 student/faculty ratio makes it easier for you to become closely attached to our professors and faculty.
  2. You can use our Fire Emoji (Apple/iOS Version) Snapchat Geofilter! By the way, add us on Snapcsnapcodehat!
  3. It’s an easy way to meet future classmates and future friends. You might meet your “bestie for lifey” here at our Open House. You’ll never know if you don’t come.
  4. You can get a tour of our beautiful campus from our very own Student Ambassadors.
  5. Learn about our great academic programs. We have over 35 academic programs and we have BRAND NEW Bachelor Degree Programs too! Come find out which one is best for you to get your education on.
  6. Enjoy a delicious FREE lunch. Who doesn’t love free lunch?
  7. The President will be here. No, not Donald Trump –  President Peri. How many times have you had a chance to meet the President of a college? Come to our Open House and @PrezPeri will be here.
  8. Take a selfie with our very own Blue Jay mascot, Manny. When it comes to selfies, our Blue Jay is a pro! 37848813412_3a47aea24b_z (1)
  9. Money talks. If you have specific questions about your financial aid package, we’ll have financial aid counselors here to answer them.
  10. Get comfortable. Open House is a great way to learn why Manor is a great fit for you!

There are so many more reasons why you should come to Manor College’s Open House, but instead of reading the many reasons I write, you should be registering for the Open House right now!

Manor’s Influence: An Alumni Story

When I entered Manor College to study psychology, I had no idea that in a very short time I would find a second home. Manor is a wonderful, warm community where you can find your place and yourself. The school provided opportunities not only to study with knowledgeable and extremely helpful professors, but also activities and experiences with people who helped me grow as a person.  17688855625_aecf9367f8_oReceiving an education at Manor College gave me an opportunity to grow and improve my capabilities, which paved the way for my future studies. Graduating with an associate degree in Psychology from Manor College, transferring to Holy Family to pursue my Bachelor Degree, and now studying at College of Staten Island (CUNY) as I work toward a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I am extremely humbled and eager to continue on with my education. Because of Clinical Mental Health Counseling’s recent introduction to New York State, I feel extremely fortuitous being able to attend a New York school, which instituted a new cutting edge program in this field. CUNY is among the first leading schools offering such a dynamic, forefront curriculum which, as of now, is rarely offered in New York.

The process of transferring from Manor College was an emotional challenge; leaving the community I loved, even as I was pursuing my passion, was bittersweet. However, Manor equipped me with tools to surpass my comfort zone, leave where I felt most comfortable, and use the experiences of my two years as a support for new ventures. The experience of the warm, welcoming and jubilant atmosphere of Manor College became my foundation for making an adjustment to a new college community. I felt strengthened by the support and spirit I had experienced at Manor, and was soon able to find my way on my own.  

The Manor professors’ exuberant attitudes and passion for their life’s work were the foundation that helped me excel in the classroom. Their continuous help and encouragement enabled  students to find and develop the ability to accomplish their scholarly tasks and understand the subject at hand.  18425399_1681809461833198_3560221200651121028_n

I am extremely fortunate to have started my college education at Manor College. My aspiration is to become a licensed Psychologist, working with a hospital and in a private practice. With continuous encouragement from Manor College’s community, even after having already graduated, my dream can truly become a reality. I am privileged for having been able to attend the small, Ukrainian Catholic college that suited my character, helped me develop unknown strengths, and reflects the values with which I live. My wonderful two years at Manor College provided the foundation for all subsequent paths.

– Vera Penkalskyj

The Home Stretch of the Semester: 5 Smart Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break is practically here, and while it can be tempting to sleep and watch movies all break, your future self will thank you if you’re even a little bit productive during break. Here are 5 (productive) things to do over Thanksgiving Break as a college student:


  1. Get caught up: Were there reading assignments you put off during the semester because you were too busy? Thanksgiving Break is the perfect time to return to those readings, take notes, and be better prepared for the next test! This break is also the ideal time to revisit any topics you didn’t completely understand the first time around.
  2. Get ahead: With final projects right around the corner, this is a great time to make major progress on them without other class assignments getting in the way. (Imagine how thankful you’ll be when you sit down to complete your project in December and it’s already halfway done!)
  3. Create an academic plan: Spring registration is open, and registering over break gives you time to review your academic plan and make any necessary changes (make sure you run these past your advisor) before registering. Having an academic plan helps keep you on track to graduate by making sure you’re taking the right classes in the right sequence.
  4. Catch up on self-enrichment activities: During the semester, you probably cut out some personal time, but Thanksgiving Break gives you the opportunity to relax and spend time doing fun activities you don’t have time for when the semester is in full-swing. From reading or cooking, to napping or family time, Thanksgiving Break is a time to unwind and focus on yourself.
  5. Make to-do lists: By now, you probably have a good sense of what’s coming for the remainder of the semester. Take advantage of this during break by writing out to-do lists. Regardless of whether you add them straight to your planner or write yourself sticky notes, having due dates written out can help reduce some of the stress you’ll most likely experience during the final stretch of the semester.

We’re in the home stretch of the fall semester, and Thanksgiving Break gives us some extra time that we can utilize to get ahead. If you work on these things over break, we guarantee you’ll be glad you got them out of the way when you had the spare time!

We hope your break is as productive as it is relaxing!


10 Fun Things To Do in Philly Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time for great food, friends and family, catching up on your sleep and starting to prepare yourself for the end of the semester. Thanksgiving break is also the perfect time to head to the City of Brotherly Love to have some fun! We’ve outlined 10 (of the many) awesome things to do in Philadelphia during Thanksgiving break!

1.) Christmas Village


Christmas Village in Philadelphia is an outdoor Holiday market located in Center City.   The village is a replica of a traditional Christmas market in Germany.  With more than 80 vendors with food, drinks, ornaments, holiday gifts and more, visiting Christmas Village is a “must-do” over your break!


2.) Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest


If you love to ice skate, this is the PERFECT activity for you and your friends! The Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest is open from November 24, 2017 to March 4, 2018. This fest includes a beautifully lit landscape, outdoor seating area with fire pits, warming cabins, games, foods and drinks! Text your friends NOW – and make a plan to head down to the RiverRink.


3.)  America’s Garden Capital Maze


America’s Garden Capital Maze will be returning to Dilworth Park for a second season! It’s a pop-up maze mixed with a garden! The maze features beautiful lights and plants that will highlight more than 30 public gardens and historic landscapes around Philadelphia.


4.) Hit the Cinema!


Head to a theater near you and see Disney/Pixar’s latest film, Coco! The movie is about a musician Miguel, who has to face his family’s ban of music. There are many theaters in the area including United Artists Grant Plaza 9, AMC Woodhaven 10, AMC Philadelphia Mills, and Regal Cinemas Warrington Crossing 22!


5.) Christmas at Peddler’s Village


If a huge gingerbread display is something you would be interested in, you have to check out Peddler’s Village! Located at 2400 Street Road in New Hope, this outdoor shopping mall is perfect for a chilly day!


6.)  Longwood Gardens


Located in Kennett Square, PA, Longwood Gardens is home to a four-acre conservatory filled with holiday lights, topiaries, music, and more! This is definitely a Christmas outing you do not want to miss.


7.) Christmas Light Show at Macy’s


Shopping followed by a Christmas light show? Yes please! The Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia, home to the department store Macy’s, comes to life with thousands of Christmas lights from November 25 – December 3, 2017.  This 100,000-light show is narrated by Julie Andrews and features music from the famous Wanamaker Organ.  Performances are free and take place every two hours during store hours.  


8.) Reading Terminal Market Holiday Railroad


Stop in for a bite to eat and check out the Reading Terminal Holiday Railroad! It features an interactive model train set that celebrates the history of the best food market in the area!


9.) Comcast Holiday Spectacular


This 15 minute Comcast Holiday Spectacular needs to be added to your to-do list! Open from November 23 – January 1, 2018, this 15 minute show features a musical journey with some of the greatest holiday music such as Carol of the Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, and The Twelve Days of Christmas. You can see this show at the top of each hour from 10am – 8pm through December 31.


10.) Small Business Saturday

An American holiday that falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday is a great way to support small and local businesses! Philadelphia is home to SO MANY great small businesses, so support one (or a few) and get started on your holiday shopping!


Happy Thanksgiving!