Stress Less: Tips for Stress Awareness Month


Stress (noun): a fact of life for college students.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, not that college students aren’t aware of it. Chronic stress is linked to six of the leading causes of death in the United States, so it is more than just the occasional pimple, so it is important to recognize the signs and the small every day things that you might not know are increasing your risk. Once you are familiar with the signs of stress, and there are some strange ones, there are simple ways to relieve that stress, as well as some large life changes that can help manage stress.


  1. More forgetful- No, this is not just you getting older. Stress can cause your working memory to be impaired. Your brain could actually be shrinking. Stress inhibits your brain’s ability to create new synapses (connections between brain cells when new memories are made) according to new research out of Yale. This brain shrinking can have secondary problems with your emotional control.
  2. Fatigue- Fatigue, different than just being tired after a hard workout, is usually associated with a sense of mental exhaustion.
  3. Visiting the bathroom more frequently- Stress causes a similar biological response known as a flight-or-fight response. Chemical changes cause your body to think there is a threat and reacts to make it easier for you to flee dangerous situations. The idea is that relieving yourself will also “relieve” you off excess weight.


  1. Not eating breakfast- I get it, eating a donut every morning is tempting, but it doesn’t prepare you for a successful day. Maintaining proper nutrition throughout the day sets you up to make healthy choices. You’re more likely to not bail on your workout if you’re feeling full and healthy.
  2. No bedtime routine- Other than sleeping just being so darn amazing, its an important time for your brain. It is a time for your brain to do all the things you had done during the day; clean, relax, and make memories. An irregular sleep schedule means you don’t have time to wind down, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  3. Drinking too much coffee- Good news or bad news first? Good news: coffee isn’t making you stressed. Bad news: your cup of joe does cause changes in your body that make it responds like you are. It causes a rapid heart rate and increases blood pressure, similar to when you are stressed.


  1. Create a mantra– Mantras are a word or phrase that are used while meditating to help you concentrate. I will be honest, I’ve tried meditating and it just is not my thing. But, a mantra is one good thing I took from it. One that you have probably heard before, “this too shall pass.” Create one that is right for you, something to ground you in that moment. Need some guidance or ideas? Click here.
  2. Laugh it up- Stress is all about hormones, but so is laughter. Research has found that it actually reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in blood. Additionally, it causes the brain to release the “happy hormone,” Oxycontin. So, laugh it up a your teachers bad jokes, it is actually helping more than you know.
  3. Power nap- Researchers at a French university found that a quick nap (just 30 minutes) is able to reduce the negative hormonal impacts that lack of sleep has on the body. Since lack of sleep is often a cause and a result of stress, sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on your health that is hard to recover from. Taking a nap when you have so much to do may seem counter productive, but trust me, it will help. Can you tell yet that I love sleep?


  1. Keep a happiness or gratitude journal- Journaling nightly can be a bit time consuming, but you can keep it simple. Each night or morning, or lunch break even, write the things in it from the day before that have made you grateful or happy. It is also helpful in identifying the things that are causing you stress so you can remedy them.
  2. Reevaluate your priorities- This is the hardest thing for any of us to do, but probably the most important. Think about the life you want, about what will make you the happiest version of you. Then make a conscious effort to put those things first. If spending time outside or reading a book makes you happy, but you haven’t had time for it, making it your conscious priority over other things will make you measurably happier.
  3. Establish a routine- Whether it is just a morning or evening routine, a routine for scheduling appointments, or a weekly routine for working out, it will ensure you have time to fit all the things in your day that you want or need to. It takes only about 21 days to establish new habits. So, give it a try. Wake up early to enjoy a nice cup of tea with your cat. You deserve it, and a stress free life.

Additional resources

  1. The Daily Beast– 7 Ways You Stress Yourself Out
  2. Shape– 10 Weird Ways Your Body Reacts to Stress
  3. American Psychological Association– How Stress Affects Your Health
  4. Shape– Four Foods That Can Cause Stress

10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Taking the Bus

Catching the bus or a train for many has its benefits and for many people, it’s less hassle and stress, so here I have outlined 10 reasons why I enjoy taking the bus.

pic 11. It’s accessible. The bus for the most part is accessible and easy to travel by; for myself, I commute to school every day from the Greater Northeast section of Philadelphia. sightseeing2. Sightseeing. By catching the bus to campus daily, I get to see various parts of the city that I’d normally wouldn’t pay attention to while driving or getting a ride  image 3 for blog      3. Cost-Friendly.  By opting to catch the bus, it allows me to save money to do other things. For many, it’s a struggle to keep up with car payments, gas, and maintenance.  So, by me catching the bus, it allows me to save up for other things.        walking blog image 4             4. Getting Fit. With me being a full-time student, sometimes it’s hard for me to find the time to go to the gym due to me always being on campus and in classes, so every morning I walk to class

sitting on bus image 55. Commuting by bus relieves stress. Every time I travel to school, it allows me some time to study or think as I map out what I need to get done for the day.

people on bus image 66.  You never know who you’ll meet. While traveling by bus,  I am able to meet so many different people from all walks of life and I have met many people to network with.

Sense of Independence7. It gives you a sense of independence.  While riding the bus, you have to know how to travel and it’s in that moment that you learn how to navigate wherever you are.  If you get lost, there is always someone you can ask for help with directions.

traveling in groups image 88. You can travel in groups. Sometimes the bus comes in handy for groups of people. For example, I went to Beyonce’s Formation World Tour, and my friends and I chose to take the bus instead of driving to avoid the traffic we would have faced getting there.

Front Door Blog image 99. Door- to-Door Service. Every day that I travel on the bus when it’s time for me to go home, I am dropped off right at my door so I can get home and get to studying!

planner blog image 1010. Strengthens my planning skills.  The bus helps me plan effectively and make sure I plan ahead to ensure I get to what I need to be on time.

I hope that you all enjoy my 10 reasons why I enjoy taking the bus and hope that you get out and sightsee too!


10 Opportunities Manor Will Give You

Manor College will guide you to be successful while you’re a student, and continue to be a part of your life long after graduation. Here are just 10 opportunities you’ll be given at Manor:

  1. Leadership opportunities: Students are encouraged to get involved on campus and apply for leadership positions. Doing so will strengthen your resume and college transfer applications!
  2. Exciting Events: On-campus or off-campus, Student Life always has something going on that will entertain, challenge, or teach attendees. These events will push you to try new things and grow as a person.
  3. Friendships: Money can’t buy happiness, nor can money buy true friends. You can, however, build strong friendships at Manor that will last a lifetime! Network during class, go to campus activities, or get an on-campus job to meet your peers; you never know who might end up being your new best friend!
  4. Connections: It’s easy to get to know everyone on campus, and this means it’s easy to grow your professional network! Having a large network will help you get letters of recommendation, interviews, internships, and jobs (cha-ching)!
  5. Internships: Whether it’s an on-campus internship or an internship through a faculty or staff member, it’s easy to find one; all you need to do is ask!
  6. Atmosphere: Manor’s close-knit atmosphere makes you feel like part of a family! You’ll know practically everyone on campus, which makes being on campus more fun, and makes it easier to ask for help.
  7. Preparation for success: Manor is overflowing with people who want to help you get involved, get good grades, or pass that difficult class. They’ll give you space to grow while making sure you’re on the path to success. This strong support system will help you create habits that will carry you through the rest of your education.
  8. College education: By providing you with a college education, Manor is guiding you towards bigger and better things. As a liberal arts college, Manor will give you the well- rounded education you need to discover yourself. Perhaps most importantly though, this education will help you land a job!
  9. Student employment: Being a Manor student opens job opportunities that are only available to you. From Work Study positions to internships, Manor can offer you a job with flexible hours that can be completed right on campus!28644878061_3588dfbefd_o
  10. Mentorships: Because of Manor’s small class sizes, it’s easy to build close connections with your professors that can last for years to come. These professors will be your professional support system, offering guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. Additionally, one of your professors might be the “foot in the door” that you need to get your first job!

If you take advantage of the opportunities that Manor offers, you’ll receive an education (and experience) like no other!

Top 10 Things for College Students to do in Philly

Attending a school near Philadelphia has a wide range of advantages.  Manor College is only a 30 minute ride from Center City; it’s accessible by almost every mode of public transportation! We’ve outlined 10 things college students can do in Philadelphia.


  1. Museums and historic sites

Philadelphia is full of tons of nationally historic sites and museums. A lot of these are free,  too, which is perfect for a college student’s budget! Check out places like the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Korean War Memorial, the Edgar Allen Poe House and the Liberty Bell 


2. Sporting events

Sports fan? Philadelphia is home to four major sports teams! Grab your friends and go see a game. Flyers, Sixers and Phillies games tend to be cheaper! Look at sites like StubHub for the best prices.


3. Magic Gardens

The Magic Gardens is a series of mosaic murals outdoors in Philly that you and your friends can walk through. It offers discounted tickets to college students. All you have to do is provide a student ID and you can enjoy the Gardens for just $8!


4. Special Interest Tours 

There are tours available for just about anything in Philly, and they’re all affordable! Look into getting tours at the Comcast Center, Franklin Square, Herr’s Snack Factory and more!


5. Plays and Productions 

As a city that thoroughly represents the arts, there are always plays and shows going on in small and larger theaters. The Kimmel Center, the Academy of Music and the Walnut Street Theater are just a few of the great ones located right in Philadelphia. Often times, these theaters will also have student discounts.

Eastern_State_Penitentiary_-_Philadelphia_-_Pennsylvania_-_11 (1)

6. Eastern State Penitentiary 

Not only does Eastern State Penitentiary do their Terror Behind the Walls event during Halloween, but they also offer daytime tours. If you like creepy, scary things, Eastern State is the place for you to visit!


7. Go out to eat

The food scene in Philadelphia is huge! Places like Stargazy, Gino’s, Mama’s Vegetarian, Sky Cafe, Johnny Rockets and Stock are must-hits in the city. Lots of restaurants in Philly also participate in Restaurant Week twice a year, which means you could visit higher-end places for cheaper! Check out for even more restaurants.

South Street

8. South Street 

South Street is one of the most popular streets in Philly. People go to the city just to spend the day walking up and down it. With over 400 independent retail stores, there’s plenty of eating, shopping, live music and enjoying sites.


9.  Do Yoga 

That’s right, when the weather is nice, there are free yoga classes offered at Race Street Pier every day. Grab your mat and practice your downward dog!


10. Penn’s Landing 

This Philly waterfront is right along the edge of the Delaware River and has several fun things to do there. One of the most popular spots is Spruce Street Harbor Park, where you can grab a drink and lounge in hammocks or sit at tables under glowing neon lights. You can also go ice skating, rollerblading and play mini golf, among other activities!

10 Reasons to Live on Campus

College in general has it’s perks, and living on campus plays a huge part in that.  Choosing to live on campus has many benefits and we’ve outlined some for you here.  

1. Less time in your car  


Rushing back and forth to campus can be really stressful.  Living on campus eliminates that stress entirely.  Since you won’t be spending time in your car you can spend time doing the things that really need to get done!

2. More time to sleep in 


This is probably the best reason.  Sleep is always important but in college a new found  appreciation for catching those Z’s forms. If you live on campus you can spend even more time sleeping in because you won’t have to rush to get ready and make the commute to campus! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

3. More time to study 


Studying is one of the most important aspects of college.  Living on campus can impact your studying habits positively. If you don’t have to head home after classes, you can get started on your studying sooner and focus on what needs to get done.

4. Form close friendships


College is a great opportunity to branch out and make new friends. Living on campus can amplify that experience. When you live on campus you spend time with different types of people and doing so leads to close bonds!  Those familiar faces down the hall can become your close friends!

5. Gain independence  

28722586415_344ef548ba_z (1)

Leaving home and moving into your dorm can be challenging at times, but it’s also a great time to gain some independence.  You’ll learn how to really live on your own and take care of yourself- important life skills!

6. Closer to campus events 

16187882089_be81dc536c_z (11)

Many events on campus happen at night.  If you commute it may be harder to attend them.  Living on campus allows you to attend the events you want to! You won’t have to miss out because you have to drive home.

7. Having a place to crash after a long day


We’ve all been there. Long days happen and sometimes all we want is our bed.  If you have a rough day and live on campus all you have to do is walk across campus and you’re in your dorm!

8. Dining plans 


Dining options are another benefit of living on campus.  With the flexibility that the cafeteria provides, you have great options to choose from! Healthy options are always available as well!

9. Once in a lifetime opportunity

28689796436_a31f924d2f_z (4)

How many times in your life will you be able to live with your friends in a setting like this? Only once! Living on campus allows you to experience college to the fullest and take advantage of what should be 4 of the best years of your life!

A+ grade written on a test paper.

10. Better grades? 

According to University of Maryland, on campus students have a 22% higher graduation rate than students who lived off campus.  Like we mentioned above, you’ll have more time to study living on campus since you won’t have to deal with a commute back and forth.

We hope you enjoyed these reasons on why you should live on campus! If you’re interested in living at Manor, contact Residence Life at!

The Benefits of Being a Sophomore

With the semester coming to a close, you’re likely thinking about what next year has in store for you. If you’re finishing your freshman year at Manor, these are some reasons you’ll love being a sophomore next year:

1. Graduation: This is the biggest and most exciting perk of being a sophomore. You’ve finished freshman year, and know that you only have two short semesters standing between you and graduation! In other words, you’re halfway to your associate’s degree!

Imagine this: There are two students at a four-year school, and one already has an associate’s degree and one doesn’t. If both of these students need to drop out of college during their junior year, the student with an associate’s degree will be better off because he’ll still have a degree.


2. Opportunities: By your sophomore year, you’ve settled into campus life, and the chances you’ll acquire a leadership position are extremely high (if you want one)! If you held a position as a freshman, you can easily be a club president as a sophomore!

Being a campus leader offers the following benefits:

  • Immerse yourself in campus life: By holding a leadership position, you’ll be “in-the-know” on campus, and fall in love with campus activities.
  • Amazing resume booster: Holding a leadership position strengthens your resume, both for jobs and college applications!
  • Be known: When you’re active on campus, faculty and staff members will know who you are (even if you aren’t sure who they are), and they’ll recommend you for awards, scholarships, college applications, and jobs!

3. Established: After spending a year on campus, you know where your classrooms are, professors know your name, and your commute to Manor (even if it’s just across campus), is second nature. Now that you don’t need to worry about finding your way around campus, you can focus on more important things (like guiding incoming freshmen around campus or joining and leading campus organizations).

4. Friendships: You’ve made friends during your freshman year, and sophomore year gives you the opportunity to spend another year with them; take advantage of this while you can, because time flies by, and you’ll all be graduating before you know it!

5. Journey to Success: Since you’ve already applied as a freshman, the hard part is over! It’s easy to stay at Manor for another year and get that associate’s degree! As a sophomore, take advantage of Manor’s transfer and career counseling. Our transfer counseling will help you seamlessly transfer to a four-year institution, and our career counseling center will set you up for success in the job market by critiquing your resume and interview skills, and aid you in choosing a career path.

6. Additional Scholarships!: Manor students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance may be eligible for a scholarship in their sophomore year; a student is considered a sophomore when they complete 29 credits. The Basilian Scholarship has been one of Manor’s oldest scholarship programs and students who have a 3.25 GPA can receive up to $1,000 in their sophomore year.

7. Sophomore Federal Loans: Did you know that sophomores are eligible for an additional $1,000 in Federal Stafford loans? This can help in many areas from living on campus, making textbooks more affordable as well as covering the costs of Summer classes. Combined with potential grants and scholarships the additional funding can help ease the burden of affording tuition and achieving your goal of graduation in the fastest way possible.

8. Academic Support: Manor’s there for you every step of the way, and sophomore year is no different. Whether you stay after class with a teacher, stop by their office, or go to the Learning Commons, there’s someone to support you whenever you need it.

9. Ease of Transfer: Our University Center and articulation agreements with area institutions offer additional transfer benefits for graduates.

10. Ideal Class Schedule: As a sophomore, you can register for your classes before registration opens for freshmen, giving you first dibs on classes! This allows you to set up a class schedule around your other obligations.

You only have two short years at Manor, and that time will fly by! Take advantage of the opportunities that sophomore year offers you; you’ll only have good experiences from here on out!


5 Things to do on a Snow Day for College Students

By: Deborah Turner

Like many students of all grades and schools, we look forward to school being closed for a snow day. We anticipate the winter coming and we dream of class being cancelled due to a snow storm or blizzard. We bask in the glory of not having to get up and go to class, or hitting that snooze button on our phones or alarm clocks. There isn’t any hustle and bustle of getting to class, and some professors even delay assignments because of it. Snow days are like a day off from work without having to call out! Now that we’re older, living in school dorms, or commuting—what is there to do on a SNOW DAY? Here’s a list of five things that I put together to do on a snow day in college.

  1. Study- I know, I know. This is the last thing that you’d want to do on your glorious snow day. studying-imagesHowever, taking at least an hour of your day to study a little more for that exam could benefit you even more. Besides, let’s be honest- many of us are in and out of classes all day and involved in extracurricular activities, so we sometimes struggle to find the time to really study for a certain class or exam.
  2. Spend time with family- If you are a commuter, this is for you. Now your family will be able to see more of you and spend time with you. I know at my house, with my brother and I being full-time students and my Mom being at work a lot, we rarely see each other and get to spend time due to our busy schedules.
  3. Read- Reading is therapeutic and relaxing for many. With a snow day, you now have the time to read a book you may have been wanting to read for a while, but hadn’t had the time due to your busy schedule.
  4. Play games- Now’s the time to pull out those board games, cards, or play Charades! Get together with your friends and make new friends by coming together and having a good time playing a game with one another.
  5. Snowball fight- Now, this wouldn’t be a list of things to do on a snow day if having a snowball snowballfight wasn’t listed! Finally, go out with your friends and have a good ole’ snowball fight!

I hope that you all enjoy my tips on what to do on a Snow Day and good luck this semester!

Holiday Shopping on a Budget



It’s no secret that college students don’t have the biggest budget.  With busy schedules and loads of homework, it’s not always easy to keep your wallet full, which means holiday shopping can be a bit of a hassle.  The good news is, there are ways to get your loved ones presents without breaking the bank! We have a few tips to share with you on ways you can be financially savvy, yet still get some great presents.

Be Creative. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the ones that are expensive- they’re the ones that are thoughtful.  Are you a good drawer?  If so, make a sketch! Do you love making collages or photo albums? Making a CD as a gift is also a great idea.  Your family member or friend will be sure to love a meaningful gift like this.  Does your sister have a favorite place she likes to go to? Does your mom really want to see a certain movie or local show?  You could also go places that do not require a large budget; this type of gift can be even better than a tangible present!  Use what you already know as inspiration for ideas!

Make lists.   When you plan out what you need to get ahead of time, it’s easier to stick to the plan and not overspend.  Also, it’s a great idea to start ahead of time.  Waiting until the week before the holidays to start buying your family and friends their presents is sure to create unnecessary stress.  If you start months in advance and slowly buy things throughout the year, you won’t be left with a huge list by the time the holidays roll around!

Check your email.  Email is a great way to stay informed about sales and deals.  It’s also a good idea to create a separate email for coupons and sale information so that way your regular inbox doesn’t get flooded with too many messages.  Additionally, there are apps/websites  out there that will give you coupons, such as RetailMeNot! This particular app offers discounts for thousands of stores!

If you follow these tips, your holiday shopping will be a piece of cake this year! These tips will allow you to save money and time. Your wallet will thank you!


5 Tips for Budgeting Your Money While in College


The semester is coming to an end, and I am sure we are all looking forward to the break. But for some of us, the process is going to repeat. You will need different textbooks next semester. If you live on campus, you know (or have learned this year) that you need money for food constantly. You may need more school supplies, or maybe you plan on investing in a new computer. Either way, these things involve budgeting. How did you make out this year? Did you save any money? Here are a few tips that should help you budget your money while in school, and hopefully you find them useful outside of college as well.

Separate your Wants from your Needs- Before even sitting down to create a budget, you should set aside the things you know are absolute necessities. You will always need money for transportation, laundry, food, textbooks, etc. Versus going out with friends, or going shopping. Which is more important? Be mindful of the things that you buy.

Live Within Your Means- It is easy to see someone with all of the new tech gadgets, or wearing the latest trends walking around, making you feel obligated to buy these things as well. In reality, you two may have completely different budgets. When creating your budget, sit down weekly and total the costs of the things that you need. Do they exceed your allowance/paycheck? If so, you may need to go back and revisit some of the things on your list. You cannot pinpoint every single college living expense, but do your best. How often do you run out of toiletries? Can you afford to eat out every day?

Don’t Make Impulse Purchases- Do not buy things simply because you can. Think to yourself first about other things you may need, bills that are coming up, or better yet, just save the money. If it is something you have been doing without thus far, chances are you can go a little bit longer without it.

Take Advantage of Campus Activities- Now, every once in a while I understand going out to a movie, or to dinner with friends. But some of these things our campus offers as well. Use these activities as a way to save money. Attend the movie nights, sports games, and other social events. This way you can still get out and enjoy yourself with friends, only this time for free.

Use your Student Discount! – School costs a lot of money, but it also saves you money as well. Keep your ID with you when out shopping, and ask different stores if they give discounts to students. For example, the North Face store gives a 10% discount on backpacks, jackets, etc. Use your student discount!! Lots of places give discounts to students, you just have to ask.